Choosing a Crystal & Losing a Crystal

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My guide is just a brief review of how to choose a crystal and  losing a crystal.

Choosing a Crystal:

You find a crystal and a crystal finds you.  If you are deciding on which crystal to purchase use your intuition to guide you.  You may feel a strong pull to a particular crystal...pick it up and close your eyes: do you sense a feeling of belonging?

Another method of deciding which crystal is for you is to establish the necessary purpose for the crystal.  If it is to be usd in healing work: what ailments or health problems are present and which crystals are appropriate in the treatment?

When working on the Chakras choosing the correct crystal is important as the chakras resonate to the different vibrations of crystals.  Also the colour of the crystal is important in chakra work.


Losing a Crystal:

A crystal may seem to 'appear' at a particular time in your life when it is needed. For example, a friend may see a crystal and think of you and buy it as a present.  You then may find that the crystal is meant for a particular emotional or health problem you are experiencing at that time.

Just as a crystal may find you, when it is necessary for the crystal to 'move on', it may become misplaced. Don't worry as you will probably find on investigation that the purpose for its initial use has rectified itself and just accept that it is now needed elsewhere.

The above is meant to be used as an informative guide only. Please seek professional/medical advice where necessary.


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