Choosing a GPS Watch & Heart Rate Monitor on eBay

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What is a GPS Watch?

There is an endless choice of Sports Watches available on the market today. Currently the latest and hottest type of sports watch available is the wrist mounted GPS unit or GPS Watch. This is a sports watch that incorporates a small GPS receiver (GPS stands for Global Positioning System).  A GPS watch uses twenty-seven satellites and a wide network of powerful computers to calculate the user's location (latitude and longitude) to within a few meters. With a GPS watch on your wrist, it's easy to keep track of your current location and speed, the direction and distance to your destination, and much more.

GPS Watch Features

How does a GPS Watch work with a Heart Rate Monitor?

A GPS Watch is basically a little computer on your wrist that can track your location, speed, direction, altitude and distance. When this information is coupled with information on your Heart Rate during a journey, it gives you extremely accurate information regarding your level of fitness. Most GPS Watches with Heart Rate Monitors also require users to enter information such as Height, Weight, Sex and type of training (Running or Cycling etc). This information can then be extrapolated to precisely determine how many calories you are burning during training for example. Best of all you can compare your training over different days & journeys. Being able to precisely analyse your daily training is perfect for competition athletes.

GPS Watch & Heart Rate Monitor Comparison

There are a number of sports Brands offering GPS Watch & Heart Rate Monitor combos. Prices can vary by hundreds of dollars and often this is due to the brand name and not the internal

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