Choosing a Pressure Washer for Your Car

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Your Guide to Buying a Pressure Washer for Your Car

Why spend money at a car wash when a pressure washer gets the job done just as effectively, and can also be used for other home cleaning jobs? A pressure washer works by utilising a high powered stream of water to remove dirt and grime from a car’s surface. Most models are highly portable and work well in driveways or the garden.

Gas or Electric?

Pressure washers come in gas/petrol or electric models. Both types have strengths and weaknesses. To effectively clean a car, a buyer should focus on using either a gas pressure washer with 1300 PSI, or an electric pressure washer with 1800 PSI.

Gas Pressure Washer

A gas pressure washer is highly portable. Users don’t need to worry about parking their vehicle close to a power outlet every time they want to wash their car. The stream of water produced by a petrol/gas motor is far stronger than electric washers, so it will make cleaning dirt from the car’s surface a relatively easy task. Heavy duty gas pressure washers are also used to remove paint from a car’s surface to prepare it for a new paint job. A gas/petrol powered pressure washer is quite noisy, and may disturb neighbours. It also produces fumes, and should only be used in a well ventilated area. Pressure washers that are powered by petrol/gas tend to be quite heavy, which makes them difficult to move around.

Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washers are lightweight and relatively cheap compared to a gas/petrol model. They do require electricity to function, so the user will have to stretch a power cord from a power outlet to the pressure washer. The engine isn’t very noisy, so it should not disturb anyone when in use. Electric powered pressure washers will clean a vehicle of most dirt and grime, but lack the more powerful water stream that a gas/petrol washer is able to produce.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Several accessories can be purchased to make the operation of a pressure washer easier and more effective.

Lance and Gun

Pressure washers generally come with an attached nozzle, but a lance or gun can be purchased to create an even more powerful and directed spray of water. The lance or gun can be easier to hold and direct than an open nozzle. The lance produces the most forceful water stream, but the gun is easier to handle. Both are ideal for cleaning wheels, the undercarriage of a car, or the car’s roof.


Brushes can be purchased which affix to the pressure washer’s nozzle. The brush lets the user scrub away caked-on dirt or debris. The water shoots out of the middle of the brush so that there is a continuous stream of water being fed to the brush’s bristles.


Water sediment can build up in the pressure washer’s hose and limit the water’s flow. Filters that fit into the pressure washer’s water tank are used to catch and trap sediment to prevent the hose from becoming clogged.


Purchasing a longer hose will give the user more manoeuvrability and a longer reach around the vehicle surfaces. Usually a hose that measures 20 to 30 metres works well when washing a car. The user can have access to all car parts that need washing without repositioning the hose.

Auto Wash Soap

Specialised auto wash soaps that can be poured into the pressure washer’s tank can make a car shine, and even provide some protection for the vehicle’s paint job. When purchasing auto wash soap, the buyer should read the directions to see if the soap works well in a pressure washer.

Finding a Pressure Washer on eBay

A buyer can search for a pressure washer or pressure washer accessories from the comfort of their own home using eBay’s powerful search engine. The buyer should enter their search criteria into eBay’s search bar, and then peruse the search results. Prior to making a bid on a pressure washer, the buyer should take the time to read the seller’s feedback comments to make sure that the seller’s past customers were happy with the seller’s service. In some instances, a seller will offer a “buy it now” feature for the listing which allows the buyer to bypass the bidding process by opting to purchase the item immediately.


A pressure washer makes washing a car an easy task, but is also beneficial for hosing off the side of a house, cleaning walkways and driveways, and a variety of other household chores.

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