Choosing a Remote Control Toy.

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What is the most important aspect of any remote control toy? It's the fun factor.
Does the toy put a smile on your dial? Is the toy in your control and does it do what you instruct it to do?
If you answer yes to the above questions then you are on your way to to achieving the fun factor you have paid for. The other factors that have importance is the toy's features. How fast does it travel,(surprisingly speed is the biggest look for factor) just because it is a big toy does not mean it travels fast. How long do the batteries last? Does it have lights or sound? Lights you could possibly live with if they do not drain your batteries to quickly, but sound, that is a different story, could YOU live with the noise it makes as your child or yourself plays with it?
Durability, lets face it, everything breaks at some point, so how long do you expect your toy to last, does it come with a warranty? Again, bigger is not always better, smaller toys bounce rather than break. Credit that to Newton, all things fall at the same pace but weight has a factor with impact. And finally, Frequency, does the toy have a range of channels so others can join in on the fun. The fun factor is tripled each time a new friend can join in on the fun. Toys are the means to bring joy to our heart, so share that joy and watch the smile develop on your dial. We hope you have gained insight with your future choice of remote control toys. Brought to you by Townsville Trader, home to some amazing remote control toys.

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