Choosing a Show Browband for Your Horse

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This guide is to help people choose a Show Browband for their horse or pony. Show Browbands are expensive and can make or break a horses head appearance, so getting it right is important.

Your first step is to look at colour combinations. Don't just look at colours you like. Look at the overall appearance, from the riders age,  the colour of your show apparel, colour of tack and the colour and type of horse/pony you have.

Hack Classes I would be looking at incorporating the above with velvet and satin combinations or just velvet. You can have Diamante added to Browband and also have a matching Lapel pin for your jacket made. Tidy matching hair ribbons for the younger girl riders also could be added. For the rider over 18 years keep colours smart and co-ordinate, for the younger rider bolder colour ( pinks and purple etc ) can be used if its incorporated in the outfit eg: Tie/ vest/shirt.

Breed class Browbands could be alittle colourful no matter what the handlers age. Added with diamante or sequins these can be abit more adventurous. Made from Satin only or mixed Satin and Velvet or all Velvet. Choose patterns that suit the horse/pony and also the width of the Browband. Small ponies could have a 3/4" wide band instead of the generally used 1" wide. This will show the ponies head better. 

Pony Club Browbands are best made in Satin and kept simple as these tend to get well used. Satin Browbands are cheaper to buy than the fancier Show Browbands. Most Browband makers will make your club colours for you.

When purchasing your Browband check that the Flags and Rosettes are reinforced or you could have problems with the Flags curling and the rosette not being as strong as it should be limiting the life. When having your Browband made ask if it will be Scotchgarded on completion. Browbands always get dirty and this little added protection will help preserve your investment.

I hope this has made your choice alittle easier!

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