Choosing the Best Eyeliner Colour

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Choosing the Best Eyeliner Colour

Choosing the Best Eyeliner Colour

Eyes are known as the windows to the soul, and there’s no better way to showcase pretty peepers than through a complementary shade of eyeliner. Today’s cosmetics marketplace is full of a vast assortment of colours, pigmentation levels, and formulas to flatter any eye shade.


Complementary Colours

Users don’t need a degree in Art History to understand the basic colour wheel, and familiarizing oneself with it is the perfect way to better understand why colour is so important when it comes to makeup. The colour wheel may just look like a spinning rainbow spectrum, but it actually holds the key to flattery. To find an eye colour’s best makeup look, simply locate the shade closest to one’s own eyes on the wheel. The color directly opposite that shade is the eye colour’s best complement.


Primary Colour

Complementary Colour








The science behind complementary colours is simple: two opposite colours on the color wheel provide each other with the most contrast and “pop.” If users want their eyes to stand out, understanding the impact of complementary tones is crucial.


Colour Theory

Another aspect of colour to consider when choosing makeup is an individual’s skin tone and overall level of warmth or coolness. A woman with cool, pale skin and blue eyes will have different needs than a woman with the same blue eyes but an olive complexion.

Determining Skin Tone

Figuring out a skin’s specific tone is a vital step in making the best of one’s overall look. The chart below highlights aspects of both warm and cool skins tones, as well as what flatters them most.


Warm Tones

Cool Tones

Look best in gold jewellery

Look best in silver jewellery

Off-white flatters

Bright white flatters

Green veins

Blue veins

Golden hair

Ashy hair

Peach undertones

Pink undertones


Don’t make the mistake of assuming that brown eyes only indicate warmth, while blue eyes must be cool. Many variations exist, and it’s important to consider several factors before officially identifying as one or the other.


Eyeliner for Different Eye Colours

Keeping the colour wheel in mind, it’s not difficult to define which shades look best when it comes to different eye colours.


Blue eyes look dazzling with the help of orange and brown earthy shades. These include highly pigmented tones of copper, mahogany, and chocolate. For a more refined daytime look, neutrals work well. Light hints of taupe and champagne can brighten blue eyes without appearing heavy.


Brown eyes don’t compete with eyeliner colour the way other shades might, so the possibilities for different eyeliner shades that flatter are endless. Neutral shades with either silver or gold notes bring out cool or warm tones, respectively. For a color pop, bright cobalt blues and purples make an impressive impact.


Green and red lie opposite one another on the colour wheel, which means that red-based hues greatly flatter green eyes. Shades like rose gold, mauve, eggplant, and lavender look incredible against emerald sparklers, as do reddish-brown shades for a more neutral look. Purple, given its hints of red, makes green eyes stand out best.


Hazel eyes feature hints of both brown and green, so those with this gorgeous eye colour can borrow tips from both. Reddish tones bring out green flecks, while rich neutrals can add to the intensity of hazel eyes.


Visual Effects

When considering colour options for different eyes, don’t forget the impact of both white and black shades.

Black Eyeliner

Known for sexiness, black is an excellent choice for smoky eye looks and adding intensity. Black eyeliner provides a stunning frame for the eyes, particularly when it’s winged in cat-eye form or smudged for extra drama.

White Eyeliner

For a youthful look, consider placing white eyeliner either on top of the lash line for a boldly mod look, or rim the waterlines of the eyes to brighten and broaden the eyes’ appearance.


Buying Eyeliner on eBay

eBay has an impressive amount of makeup for sale, and its selection of eyeliner features numerous shades to suit any colouring. Buyers can simply search for the shade they’re interested in or browse the makeup offerings. For sanitary purposes, new and unused eye makeup is recommended, and efficient sellers will note product information in their listings. Once an item is selected, a buyer can either bid or buy the product outright, depending on the seller’s options.



Eyeliner is a fun way to experiment with one’s overall appearance and draw attention to the eyes. With a thorough understanding of how colour both affects and enhances a look, anyone can master this flattering makeup addition.

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