Choosing the Right Essential Oils

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Essential Oils

Choosing Essential Oils

As consumers it's important that we are alert to the wide discrepancies in the quality of essentials oils on the market. You can buy cheap oils and very expensive oils but there is a big difference on what you're actually buying. The cost of essential oils reflects the fact that they are so concentrated and a lot of work and material has gone in to extracting the oil itself. Some flower oils can be very expensive costing  over $60 per 1 teaspoon of essence.

Because of the long drawn out process of extracting the oils from plants cheaper alternatives have been created using synthetic oils. Buying cheaper alternatives are okay don't get me wrong but for such practices like Aromatherapy it's best to buy genuine and authentic products . As a buyer you should be able to find out the botanical name, the part of the plant used, the origin, and the quality specification. Some retailers may use names like 'pure botanical perfume' or 'pure fragrance essence' which may suggest that they are not 100% pure so if you want to buy high quality essential oils, doing some research will help you find some really fantastic oils. 

It is fairly important to buy the best quality oils available when putting together a basic essential oil kit. Essential Oils that are 100% pure will also last a lot longer as they are concentrated and you don't need a lot of it to feel the full effects, only 1-3 drops is all that's required. When stored in a cool dark place, away from sunlight, essential oils can remain in good condition for several years.

A good essential oils kit would have the following key oils:

  • Benzion - A rich, thick oil with a scent similar to vanilla. Good for - awakening the conscious mind
  • Cedarwood - A woody scented oil. Good for - enhancing spirituality
  • Cinnamon - A spicy and irritant oil, use sparingly. Good for - drawing money & psychic awareness
  • Frankincense - A very rich scent and can be very expensive too. Good for - meditation & promoting spirituality
  • Rose Geranium - One of my faves, Good for - Happiness and protection
  • Jasmine - Beautiful evocative aroma, Good for - Love, peace, psychic awareness & can be useful for sexuality
  • Juniper - A resin type oil. Good for healing properties and protection
  • Lavendar - This oil is in just about every single kit, a must. Good for - health, love, peace, sleep,
  • Orange - A zesty scent. Good for - purification
  • Patchouli - my absolute favourite oil, Good for - money, passion, physical energy
  • Rose - the ultimate love oil and also Good for - peace and beauty
  • Sandalwood - Another popular oil with an ancient scent. Good for - spirituality, meditation & healing
  • Rosemary - A beautiful cullinary essential oil. Good for - love, healind and I add this to my hair to give it a lustrous shine
  • Ylang-Ylang - my absolte favourite of all essential oils. Good for - love, peace, passion and has a rich troplical aroma

Plus any others that you might like the scent to.

Enjoy and experiment, but beware of possible allergies when annointing the skin of some certain oils and it's always best to get more information about each oil and what it can do.


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