Choosing the Right Workout Clothes for Comfort

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How to Stay Comfortable Throughout a Workout

Cotton T-shirts were once the preferred gym uniform, but now many people choose to wear clothing designed for their preferred activity. Dedicated exercisers know that there is no universal outfit that will be comfortable for any type of exercise. Instead, buyers must carefully choose clothing based on their preferred activity, fabric type, and other considerations.

Choosing Comfortable Workout Clothes by Material

The fabric used to make a garment will determine its overall warmth, flexibility, and ability to wick sweat. Exercisers should never wear a fabric that is primarily plastic-based or rubber-based that cannot wick moisture when exercising.

Cotton and Cotton Blends

Cotton workout clothes are inexpensive, readily available, and breathable. However, cotton retains moisture, rather than wicking it away from the body. This characteristic means outdoor exercisers who wear cotton to become chilled when it is cold. Wet cotton can also be uncomfortable in the summer, and can lead to chafing all year round. For this reason, cotton socks should be avoided if blisters are a concern. However, if cotton is worn over a base layer, chafing is eliminated.

Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics such as Coolmax and Supplex are made to wick away sweat to help exercisers stay cool. These breathable synthetic fabrics are specially engineered to be comfortable and flexible when worn. Other performance fabrics combine polyester with Lycra or spandex to create material that can stretch and remain breathable. However, clothes made from performance fabrics are more expensive than cotton. Some exercisers also report that certain performance fabrics retain odours over time.

Performance Wool and Wool Blends

Workout clothes made from performance wool are both insulating and breathable. Unlike cotton, wool will not retain sweat, and unlike performance fabrics, it doesn’t retain as many odours. Performance wool is usually more expensive than cotton and most performance fabrics. However, some people also believe that wool is more durable than performance fabrics or cotton. Other exercisers report that they have to launder performance wool clothing less than other types of workout clothes. Outerwear, base layers, socks, and other workout clothes can all be made from performance wool.

Silk and Silk Blends

Silk fabric is usually used to make base layer workout clothes for cooler temperatures. Performance silk will wick away most moisture, but it is not as efficient as wool or performance fabrics. Many hikers prefer silk base layers. Like performance fabrics, it retains odours and should be laundered after every use.

Other Factors to Consider When Purchasing Workout Clothes

While fabric type should be the primary consideration when buyers shop for workout clothes, these other factors should also be weighed carefully.

Choosing Comfortable Workout Clothes by Activity

People who use machines when exercising, whether they are bicycles or weight machines, should wear form-fitting gym clothes that will not get caught in any moving parts. For other activities, exercisers should use their own judgement and aesthetic preferences.
Exercisers may also want to investigate clothing specifically made for a common activity. Padded bike shorts, for example, can make long rides significantly more comfortable. Compression layers may be appropriate for dedicated runners who are in training and need to keep their muscles warm.

Picking Workout Clothes by Colour

Colour is largely a matter of personal choice. Dark coloured workout clothes are often considered by exercisers to be more flattering. However, people who exercise outdoors at night should always wear light-coloured clothing that has reflective patches.


Exercisers should layer workout clothing depending on the temperature. In cold weather, a base layer combined with one to two outerwear layers should be sufficient. In warm weather, a single base layer consisting of a pair of bottoms, a top and a sports bra, if necessary, is all that is usually required.

Buying Comfortable Workout Clothes on eBay

To find one of the largest selections of comfortable workout clothes, shoppers should visit eBay. To find workout clothing for any activity, buyers should start by visiting the Clothing, Shoes, Accessories category. This category can be found by clicking on the “Shop by category” link located to the left of the eBay search bar, and then clicking on the “See all categories” option. Once users locate the Clothing category, they can then navigate to the Men’s Clothing category or the Women’s Clothing category. Within both categories, there is a dedicated sportswear category. Alternatively, they can use the search bar if they know exactly what they want.
Before purchasing any sportswear, buyers should know what type of fabric they need, their chosen activity, and when they intend to wear their gym clothes. By making these determinations before purchasing, exercisers will be able to choose comfortable clothing for their next workout.

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