Choosing the right supplement for your dog

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HI dog lovers,

We Australians love our pets, and according to statistics, we are a nation of mad dog lovers. As dogs are and basically always have been a part of our household you think we know how to look after them. When you check out the range of feeds available these days, you get the idea that either the dogs have become woozes, or that science has caught up with the requirements of our fourfooted furry friends. I chose for the latter! 

You have found the right dryfood for our dog for his age but you get this nagging feeling that maybe he is lacking something. His coat should be more glossy, or he is getting slower to get up from his bed, or he has trouble getting in and out of the car. Maybe Rover is very nervous when travelling. For those sort of 'complaints' there are a range of supplements on the market. Some Australian made, some imported, some are capsules, other herbal, and some you can get only from the vet. We talk here about supplements you can get over the counter, or via direct mail, like the PrimeVal supplements. When it comes to supplements you need to consider palatablity, because after spending your hard earned dollars you would want to make sure Rover eats it all!

I would recommend you read the lable and make sure you see the list of ingredients and checkout the percentage of each ingredients and if it mentions any 'fillers'. Fillers are products that manufacturers add to the product to make it more bulky, but does not necessarily improve te product. Fillers can be milk powder, sugar, salt etc.  Some manufacturers use cheaper ingredients are are therefore marketing (selling) the product at a competitive price. Other companies prefer to use high quality ingredients, less fillers, or even no fillers, but ending up wit a more expensive product.

My experience over 4 years of marketing and selling the PrimeVal range of supplements, that dog and also horse owners (we have a full range of horse supplements as well), that people are prepared to pay the higher price if the quality is good and most importantly: if the product works!

I have researched many products over the years working, and compared them to our PrimeVal range, and found that ours are all natural, most are herbal based and they are palatable, and even more important: most people come back for more because it works! They see a difference in their dog and I must say it fills me with joy and gratitude that I can help so many beloved pets.

Here is our range: PrimeVal Gelatinaat for the overall well being and combating stiffness, aiding in arthritic conditions and much more; PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinaat, the essential supplement for the growing pup, especially of pups of the larger breeds. PrimeVal StressComplex a super natural (herbal) product in a palatable powder to help your nervous dog calm down and handle the stressfull situations; PrimeVal Omega 3-6-9, a wonderful combination of fantastic vegetable and plant oils to aid with skin complaints, for essential fat and energy. PrimeVal FloraCare another all natural, herbal products to help develop and keep healthy intestines. And the last one PrimeVal WeightControl to help your dog fight the hungerpangs and stop begging for more food, because he knows you cannot help to give him more! But we know that just like with us humans, overweight (obese) dogs also develop health problems, the Weight Control can assist with this 'urban' doggie problem!

May this information have been of help: Check out our storeALL DOGS AND HORSES

With Gratitude

Dolly van Zaane - DvZ Enterprises



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