Choosing your first HOLGA

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It is always a question from the buyers as a HOLGA Camera seller. And I will always answer with a few questions.

1. What is your needs? Just for fun to take snapshots? Or you will need it for a project?
2. Are you a beginner for a LOMO snapshot ? Or you have already play with other LOMO cameras and looking for new effect?
3. Is it a gift for somewhere and is he/ she familiar with photographing?

All these questions lead you to different Holga Camera Model. All Holga models gives a great variety of modification as you can find all of these on the Internet. So its not a matter when you playing expert as long as you got a Holga 120 Camera. Personally, I like to carrying a 120GCFN around for snapshot as this can consider an "All in One" model and I took photos in both indoor & outdoor, so the build-in flash light comes in handy. The multi-colour flash helps to create more unique shots in the photos and especially you are in a party. And the glass lens provided a clearer image but some people may argue the original Holga mood is a plastic lens. But anyway it just a personal favourite.

For people who just taking the very first step into the Lomo world and unsure they will love it, a 120GN / N will be a good choice as it is the cheapest and simplest model. So it won't loss too much if you don't like it much. But these cameras is also good for people love to have more flexible as it got a hot shoe which allow to use stronger/ different flash light. And also you do not need to open the lid when the batteries of the flash run out.

Finally, I can sure you will not own one HOLGA camera only if you addicted to it. As mentioned, there's lot of modification and one camera will not possible to try them all out. But don't forget to carrying the HOLGA around, take as many shots as you can and share it on the community!

Here's some of my personal shots with my HOLGAs:

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