Christmas Gift ideas, Shoes!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly’ falalalala, lalalala!

It’s also the time of year for stress and panic where everyone is frantically searching the shops at the last minute looking for that “perfect Gift” to give to their loved ones. Avoiding the look of sheer disappointment and finding something they will love, is never an easy task.

Fear not! Because women love shoes, fact!  Ok, probably not your most obvious choice of gift and a little research is needed, but get the fit, the size and the design right and you’re onto a winner!

Guys, take note! What better way than to let her know ‘she means the world to you’ than with a fabulous pair of shoes, chosen by you!  Buying shoes for her will prove how well you know her and what she likes and she will love and appreciate the thought you have put into it.  Ok, so I understand that the thought of that is probably filling you with dread right now, so take a deep breath ahhh! That’s better! This really is not as hard as it may seem guys, trust me!

First of all, do your research (not rocket Science!) I’m talking sneaky peaks into her closet. Take note of her size, brands and the design she usually goes for. Now sit back, forget the endless shopping trips and browse through Girls obsession for Christmas shopping without the stress, you can even put your feet up and have a cold one, while you do it. Bonus!

 Simply follow my advice guys and you can’t go wrong,

It’s wise to stick to a popular brand if you want to be sure that she will actually wear them, but surprise her with a new twist, like a more vibrant colour perhaps!
Shoes for the office! Whilst great, they don’t really express ‘I adore you’ so be a bit more adventurous. Fun shoes will be worn with pride (“ooh look what I got”) type of thing. Remember sexy shoes are fun too but wearable ones that can be worn outside of the bedroom will probably be more appreciated because they can be worn more often.

Boots are for the brave!
Remember calf width is as important as size and you really need to try and avoid a situation where they won’t zip up!   If you are finding this a bit too much, it’s probably safer to stick with shoes. Talking about width though, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the width of her feet, does she have a wide or slim foot?  But surely you already know that? OK I’m being pretentious and it would be most unusual if you do, but fear not, I sense a foot massage coming on!  Get the idea ;)

Towering heights!
Now not every woman likes them to be too high, but others absolutely love it.  Back to the closet you go! Or simply take note next time you are out shopping with her.
Flash the cash! Buying high end shoes pulls out all the stops and really shows you can think on your own two feet, at least about her feet anyway!

And that’s it, Get the idea? Look, if all else fails simply get a sister or female friend to help you, I’m sure she will never know!  And even if she does find out she’ll just think it’s adorable that you went to all the effort for her.
Top tips for buying online.

Because shoes can be tricky always check the returns policy. Here at Girls Obsession you can be relieved to know that if they do not fit you can simply send them back for a replacement, at no additional cost. Full refunds are available for unwanted items providing shoes, label and packaging are all intact (15% restocking fee to cover costs). All major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.

That’s the Mrs sorted then! 

Now, back to what you want for Christmas.  Now let’s see….  Did you notice those Boots?

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