Clairvoyance not for everyone

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With so many clairvoyants psychics coming out of the woodwork, I wanted to share information that may hopefully make you a lot wiser and happier, and guide you in your choice of reader, as they do not come cheap, and who has money to waste unless it is with a valid psychic.

Firstly, we all have psychic ability, just like some people are good at art, or maths, some particularly sensitive people can be good  psychic's also, , it is important when seeking a reading to have some sort of proof that they are psychic, this can be by them stating something that has happened to you that day or sometime in your past, usually a psychic would be able to link in and tell you what sort of day you have had or
Describe a situation going on around you now....etc.etc.

We do not work in this field without taking risks, the most important of these is Karmic, we may not neccessarily know the results of our words or deeds until the next life, however the more spiritually advanced we are the sooner we will feel the karmic retribution, and usually it will be in the same form as we have dished out. and within the next day.

Clairvoyance usually comes in the form of symbolic picture, ie. water clear or dark, rough seas, dark skies, all signifies emotion in some way and dependant on what other forms are in the picture would start to unfold a lot of information that can be passed on.

Clairvoyance can also be as  a spoken word, either within your mind, or just like a person standing in the room, as well as touch, smell, sense.  It would make sense that if somebody is hearing words, that they would be able to pass on some sort of proof to you.  Like specific detail, or names etc.  After all if we can say something we can also give our name.

Find a clairvoyant that does not charge too much, usually somebody recommended to you by a friend is a good place to start, the local spiritualist churches usually provide free clairvoyant readings during there Sunday service, and these churches are listed in the Saturday advertiser under religious services.

It takes a long time to learn the spirit language of symbols, this art cannot be learned overnight,
ask how much experience they have?
If they had any sort of training?
Do they volunteer there services for free to non profit groups?, or is it all about money for them.
 Usually a psychic would have some pretty significant experiences as a child that they can pass on to you as well, if asked.
A clairvoyant/psychic is only as good as there level of advancement, nasty, ignorant people can only pass on ignorance.   Letting the Ego rule, shows their ignorance, and also gives rise to pity, as the true spiritually advanced know how far they have yet to come.

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