Classic Mini's A buying Guide

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There are several types of models of Classic Mini's Some of the following are:
  • Round Nose Mini, deluxe, coopers, cooper s etc...
  • Clubbie Mini (Clubman), leyland etc...
  • Mini Pickup (ute style & rare)
  • Mini Cabrio (rare)
  • Mini Van (cheap)
  • Mini Moke (for the eccentric)
  • They come in the following makes, not too much difference in the makes:

  • Morris
  • Austin
  • BMW new mini (won't cover this type)
  • Leyland

    Where to Start to Buy your First Mini?

    There are still heaps around Australia, you can even import. A decent one will cost around $5000 to $10000, while you can pick up a project car for around $500 or less.
  • Dont rush in, buy a copy of Mini World magazine, at your local Borders. Join a mini club in your state to meet other mini maniacs. This will give you an idea of the Mini scene. Research & make your budget.
  • Decide on the type of Mini you want. A excellent comparison of different models can be found here:
  • Most early mini's dont have disc brakes (except Cooper S), they have drums & it's worth noting that conversions can be expensive ($1000+), decide on what you want.
  • Also most early mini's have carbie engines, the newer ones have EFI. So if you choose carbie you will need to use lead replacement as well as Premium Unleaded.
  • Decide on an Engine 850, 970, 997, 998, 1071, 1098, 1275 850's doesn't cut it today unless your after an original mini.
  • Do you want original or modified? Theres not too many original ones out there, many have been modified. You can modify it yourself or modify it to original specs or have a specialist do it.
  • Where to Look?

  • Ebay
  • Newspapers & online classifieds
  • Google your Local Mini Club (There's one in all the states) They have classifieds there & are from enthusiasts who care for there cars.
  • Shannon's & classic car auctions
  • Unique Cars magazine
  • What to look for?

  • Body & condition, how many owners. If it needs work & how much.
  • Engine: Take a test drive, bring someone who knows about cars & mini's would be good.
  • Brakes: Most mini's have drums so check theres no sliding at high speeds.
  • Interior: Clean, tidy, any rust inside
  • History: Check if it's had a engine rebuild or is it still running on the original one, check modifications etc...
  • VIN: Check the chassis & VIN match on the plate on the engine bay.
  • Modifications Idea's

  • Mini's are Mod's heaven.
  • Make it a Rally look a like or a race one.
  • Go crazy with stickers (check ebay for good decals)
  • Make it original as possible
  • Do whatever, one I have seen has Pink fur all over it, make it yours & dont forget to honk at other mini's.
  • Check ebay for lots of parts & spares you can put on your mini!
  • Mini's make people smile, you'll notice this as you drive along.

    Some good resources (Copy+paste link as external links are not allowed on eBay

  • VMCI Club Links (helpful Mini stuff):
  • Mini Exp Aussie Magazine Links to Mini specialists:
  • Aus Mini Forums (Ask q's & check out 4 Sale):
  • Silly's DIY Guide (for modding your mini):
  • Mini WWW Directory (history & listings of clubs & guides)
  • Email me for a complete links lists to Australia Mini Specialists & Classic Mini Dealers

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