Cleaning Wedgwood Jasper Ware Safely & Quickly!

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Two Words Jasperware Lovers: MAGIC ERASER (by Mr. Clean)--- Dampen your eraser & rub in a circular motion over your colored ceramic body, paying special attention to your relief work. This amazing invention will remove dust, grease, oils, stains & even candle wax off of your Jasperware & will leave your relief work bleach white...GLADLY with out expensive harsh chemicals or detergents & gloves! Now, as the eraser can leave behind a sandy white residue, you may opt to rinse and pat dry post-cleanse. **Also give the eraser a try on your cherished, precious collectable bisque or matte surface figurines or tablewares that have picked up stains. Just be sure to tread lightly over your hand painting or heat transferred decor.*** ***STERLING SILVER FLATWARE OR SERVICE! That's right, follow the same steps above to remove pesky tarnish from your silver...No gloves, No nasty smelly pastes!*** Let me know if this was helpful or ask me a question:
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