Cloth Nappies So Much Cuter Then Disposables

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I just buy cloth nappies, all kinds, I don't sell them, I do sometimes make some for my babies.
They have good materials now days, Bamboo with it's antibacterial properties, Bamboo growing at 7 feet in 3 months, without the use of chemicals and much for watering, leaves it good on the environment.
The inner layer of nappies now, such as microfleece and suedecloth, which wicks the wetness away into the absorbent layers, leaving baby feeling dry just like a disposable, some babies do get nappy rash from either disposables, due to the nappy being on to long, or the babies sensitivity to the materials used in either the cloth or the disposable, such as some babies are allergic to man made synthetic fibres like microfleece and suedecloth, so the alternative is raw silk liners, and natural materials, such as cotton and bamboo to lay next to babies bare bum, instead of the suedecloth, and microfleece, disposables don't breath as well so they get rashes from that and the fact that they are plastic, like wrapping your own bottom in a plastic bag, doesn't feel to comfortable.
Covers now made from breathable polyurethane laminate, which is great for babies bum to breath, or there are wool covers, polar fleece covers.
Tests done on cloth nappies say they are cooler then disposables.
No soaking done now on nappies, unless you want to, you just give a quick spray with a little squirt, and put in a bucket, or you use nappy liners, which can now also be flushed down the loo, friendly for environments.
Some modern cloth nappies hold more wee then disposables, not that you would want them not changed for hours, but if you are driving and can't change them, cloth isn't going to leak.
Conveneince now is having modern washing machines as well.
You save thousands buying cloth, or if you prefer to make your own, there is alot around on the net how to make your own.
After awhile you get addicted to cloth, wanting all the cute different ones, and their materials.
You can be realy lazy and still use modern cloth, they are so easy.
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