Cloth Nappies guide:How to use cloth nappies for a perfect fit

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How to use and Care for your cloth nappy by eco nappies australia
 you are expecting and wondering about cloth nappies, here at Tiny Tots Eco Store, we are dedicated to supplying the best reusable nappies in Australia.We offer the best products at affordable prices, and if you are going to make the responsible decision to use cloth, we would love to be the supplier for that.The nappies we sell are waterproof and are not like the cloth nappies your mum and dad may have used on you. These nappies are highly absorbent and are a great value, lasting from newborn age until toilet training begins.
About eco cloth nappies
Outer 'Waterproof' LayerMade with 100% Polyester,Inner - Suede cloth. Soft and breathable touching babies bottom. Nappy inserts Two nappy inserts made of 3 layers of bamboo material and outer covering of microfiber cloth. Bamboo material help with the absorbency and the microfiber keep the outside of the inserts dry. Also Available on ebay *Night booster inserts Sold seperate to the Nappy Packs Available on ebay. Five layers of bamboo material and cotton outer layer. Super absorbent inserts to use in combine with regular inserts when travelling or for night time use. *Cloth nappy Complete Pack
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