Clothes for Bigger Men.

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A guide to Clothing for Big and Tall Men.

We started our ebay store out of pure frustration - the man in our household is 199cm tall and ~120kg - finding Plus sizes clothes he liked at a reasonable price and quality was a nightmare!.  Living in regional Western Australia didn't help either!  So became Style Plus.

We have discovered on our ebay journey that sizes vary dramatically and hope this guide can give you a little guidance in your purchases.

Australian Sizes compared to others.

Many of our department and variety stores now stock larger sizes - be careful as they are not always as big as they seem. And if the item you are looking at is an American sizing you can guarantee that it will be bigger, usually much bigger! We have also found that usually the American garments are a lot better quality, but this is just our observation.   For example, hubby usually wears a Target 6 or 7XL, a Hard Yakka 4XL and in American sizes he is a 2XL if that.

Some American sizes either have a "T" or a "B" on the end eg. 2XLT or XLB this means that they have been specifically made for a "Taller" or "Bigger" man and are usually longer or wider. Always check measurements!

Things to help you make the right choice.

  • Know your measurements.  Get someone to help you measure as otherwise it can be inaccurate. Measure:

Chest - Widest part of your chest and over your shoulder blades.  Should be snug but not tight.

Sleeve length - Bring your arm level with your shoulder.  Measure from the middle of your neck between the shoulder blades, around your elbow and down 2.5cm past your wrist.

Neck - Measure around your neck to where the button would be.

Centre Back - From the base of your neck (where your collar / neckline would sit) down to your desired length.

  • Make sure you know which market the item was made for - Australian v American etc.
  • Get the seller to give you the measurements.  We always list our items with as much information as possible to make the buying experience as easy as possible.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions.

If you keep these things in mind your shopping should be a lot easier and less frustrating.  So armed with some extra knowledge shop to you drop and enjoy it!

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