Clothing & accessories: If you like it, get it.

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I'm all new to this whole ebay world of online shopping so please bare with me.
My main reason in creating my ebay account was to see what interesting and unsual clothes, shoes and accessories I could find that relates to what style I have. I have always wanted to buy clothes online but of course there are a few steps to take before you decide to click the 'buy' button.

First thing to do before you start even looking at clothes to buy is measure yourself! That is very crucial. What I mean by that is: how tall you are, bust, waist and hips; and if you were going for shoes, not only know your size but measure your feet as well. When measured, write those measurements down so you dont forget them and can refer to them later. Sizes of shoes and clothing vary between different countries, for example, a size 6 in the US could mean a size 8-10 in Australia (this may not be exact, thus it's just an example.. you get what I mean).

When you have measured yourself, you can start browsing. Don't know what to look for? Well just think of what you would love to wear. For example, I love corsets. So I would click onto the clothing category and narrow it down to corsets. There is a category for everything (pretty much). If you already know what you want specifically, just simply type it in and browse from there.

When you find something you like, check that it is available in your size, this is CRUCIAL and can easily be forgotten. If it's in your size, you like it, and you think it has a fair price, get it, simple as that.

This is a very simple guide, I don't really expect anyone to follow these steps completely. I merely am giving suggestions that may help.

Thanks for reading :)

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