Coco Chanel Parfum Buying Guide

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Chanel makes women smell beautiful, and the luxury fashion house creates unforgettable fragrances such as the well-known Chanel No. 5. Another iconic Chanel fragrance is the Coco line of parfums, which is light, fresh, and elegant. Coco Chanel parfum offers consumers several different types of fragrances depending on personality and individual taste.

The colognes come in a variety of sizes, which makes prices vary for each different bottle size. Coco Chanel fragrances make lovely presents, but some consumers choose to wear the costly French parfum on special occasions or formal events to make it even more of a decadent treat. Consumers purchase the proper Coco Chanel parfum based on the size desired as well as the most appealing scent.

Types of Coco Chanel Parfum

Available in three different scents, Coco parfums offer consumers three distinct fragrances with multiple notes of flowers, exotic spice notes, and feminine, fresh fruit scents. Buyers pick the Coco Chanel fragrance to exemplify personal style, taste, and individual body chemistry.

Each fragrance leaves behind a unique feeling, such as the sexy scent of the original Coco parfum, the fresh, light fragrance of Mademoiselle, or the woody feel of Noir in the black bottle. Shoppers make a statement by selecting the perfect personality of parfum to complement every day or a special occasion.


The original scent of Coco Chanel in the clear bottle leaves consumers smiling. Classic, oriental, sexy, and woody notes make up the Coco Chanel mainstay. The sexy fragrance in parfum form leaves behind a strong, sensuous scent and stays on for hours. Perfect for everyday wear or evenings on the town, the original, signature Coco scent in the traditionally shaped bottle includes mysterious, dark, spicy notes like sandalwood, amber, peach, cloves, orange blossom, and vanilla for a powdery, sophisticated finish.


Coco Mademoiselle includes a pink hued parfum with a sexy, fruity scent. Made with young women in mind, the more modern Mademoiselle fragrance adds a twist to the Coco line of fragrances with notes of rose, patchouli, vanilla, grapefruit, and jasmine for a light scent that lingers.

Sweet and feminine, Mademoiselle makes a great signature fragrance for casual days or nights out to dinner. Mademoiselle works well for light weather such as spring and summer, because the fragrance is somewhat lighter than the heavier notes of Coco and Noir fragrances. Romantic and delicate, Mademoiselle is a great alternative to spicy colognes for consumers wishing for a lighter, fresher scent.


Chanel Coco Noir departs from the other Chanel Coco scents with a sensual black bottle and a warm, woody fragrance. Perfect for a winter fragrance or for a black-tie event, Noir includes notes of rose, grapefruit, jasmine, patchouli, white musk, sandalwood, and narcissus.

The striking scent has a heavier musk fragrance than Coco, and deeper, balmier notes creating a stronger, more feminine scent sweetened by a touch of licorice fragrance. Unique and special, Coco Noir elicits sophistication and intrigue with the rich, amber scent, and looks beautiful on any woman's vanity with the standout black bottle.

Parfum Strength

Consumers searching for the right type of Coco Chanel parfum must weigh the two concentrations of fragrance before purchasing and compare them. Some women prefer the heavier, more concentrated scent of parfum, and some consumers select the lighter, less overpowering spray version of Coco parfum. Sprays cost less than parfum, so it is best to weigh the options before choosing the right fragrance in the right form for consumers to get exactly the product desired and stay within the price range which is available.


Created with the most potent extracts of the fragrance, parfum is the most costly form of scent. This type of scent lasts longer than the less concentrated spray, and only a small amount is required to create a strong, lasting scent. Parfum contains every layer of notes, which sprays sometimes miss.

Highly concentrated, most parfums contain more of the actual notes than any other type of fragrance. Though parfum costs more, since consumers use less, it is worthwhile for users who enjoy a stronger scent.

Eau de Parfum Spray

Eau de parfum spray, also called EDP spray, is less concentrated. Eau de parfum costs less than concentrated parfum, and comes in many sizes for a lower price range. Eau de parfum is useful for spraying all over, including on clothing for a long lasting scent. Layering eau de parfum with other fragrance products such as lotion helps the smell last longer and to not dissipate as fast. Eau de parfum sprays on light, smells a bit less intense, but may not last as long as parfum. EDP sprays work well for consumers who enjoy a lighter scent that is not as strong, but still contains the more potent notes of the parfum.

Coordinating Coco Chanel Products

Coco Chanel offers complementary products to blend with the parfum, including the original scented Coco Chanel body lotion and foaming shower gel. Layering these products along with the fragrance creates a stronger, long-lasting scent. Consumers also purchase Coco Mademoiselle fresh body cream and fresh body lotion.

Coco Chanel Parfum Sizes

Bottles of Chanel parfum vary in size. Highly concentrated parfum is available in small bottles, but less concentrated EDP comes in larger bottles and a variety of sizes. Buyers get the best bottle for their money when they compare the amount of parfum vs. the budget available.

Parfum Type

EDP Sizes

Parfum Sizes

Coco Chanel

50.3 ml (1.7 oz.)

100.5 ml (3.4 oz.)

7.4 ml (0.25 oz.)

Coco Mademoiselle

35.5 ml (1.2 oz.)

50.3 ml (1.7 oz.)

100.5 ml (3.4 oz.)

200 ml (6.8 oz.)

7.4 ml (0.25 oz.)

14.8 ml (0.5 oz.)

Coco Noir

50.3 ml (1.7 oz.)

100.5 ml (3.4 oz.)

No parfum sizes available

Buyers need to keep in mind that a little goes a long way when purchasing Coco Chanel parfum instead of Coco Chanel EDP. A smaller bottle lasts awhile due to the fact that buyers use less. This is a factor in decision making for some consumers purchasing expensive fragrances like these.

How to Buy Coco Chanel Parfum on eBay

Smell luxurious without spending a designer amount of dollars when you purchase Coco Chanel fragrances on eBay. Look online for great deals by keying in specific search terms such as "Coco Chanel Parfum" or "Coco Noir Parfum". Choose the fragrance you like by the type of parfum, the size of the bottle, or the price range. Select a seller with excellent feedback for a top-notch shopping experience.

Chanel Coco Parfum leaves the smell of woody, oriental spices, juicy fresh fruit, and smouldering vanilla when you exit the room. Make an impression with the high-end scents from the house of Chanel and smell like a million bucks without spending it. Elegant, delectable, and decadent, Coco Chanel parfums create confident women who enjoy smelling sensual and feminine.

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