Coffee Maker Buying Guide

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Coffee Maker Buying Guide

People are passionate about their coffee, but the preferred brew varies from person to person. Some want a strong brew such as espresso, while others like a light coffee with extra flavours and milk such as a cappuccino.


The Coffee and the Coffee Drinker

Here are some things for online shoppers to consider before choosing the best coffee maker for their personal brew:

Coffee strength and flavour: Java lovers who share their brewer with other coffee lovers either have to both like the same brew, or they need a coffee maker that can vary both strength and flavour.

How many cups: Someone who only brews one or two cups of coffee at a time has different brewing needs than someone who makes 10 or 12 cups. For the person brewing a large pot of coffee, a way to preserve the flavour while it sits makes a big difference in the quality of the last cup.

Convenience: Some java drinkers find the process of slowly brewing a perfect cup relaxing. Others just want to roll out of bed and pour a cup that's already brewed and waiting. Another convenience factor to consider is care and cleaning. Coffee makers vary widely on how easy it is to remove grounds and clean the water reservoir.


Types of Coffee Makers

Fortunately for java lovers, there are coffee makers to match just about every taste and style. Coffee can be made by simply pouring boiling water over grounds, or it can be made in high-tech machines that automate every step and adjust for every preference.

Manual: Pour Over and French Press

For one or two cups, a manual coffee maker offers a simple solution that provides plenty of control over the brew. Hot water is poured over or pressed through the grounds, and each cup can be custom-brewed by varying the water temperature and the type and amount of ground coffee.

Automatic: Drip and Pod

Depending on its features, an automatic coffee maker can be the ultimate in brewing convenience. The coffee maker itself heats the water, eliminating a step, and added features streamline brewing even more. Automatic drip coffee makers are the most popular coffee makers sold, followed closely by automatic pod coffee makers.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Programmable start and automatic shutoff settings let users set the time they want the coffee to start brewing so that there's no waiting. An automatic shutoff ensures that an unattended coffee maker is turned off after a couple of hours, enhancing safety. Another useful feature on many multi-cup machines is a small-batch setting so users can brew one to four cups without sacrificing flavour. Brew strength control allows users to choose mild or strong coffee for each pot.

Most automatic coffee makers have a pause-and-serve feature that lets users grab a cup before the pot has been completely brewed and without splashing hot java everywhere. Some coffee makers come with a thermal carafe rather than the standard glass carafe. This makes it easy to remove the finished brew from the coffee maker and keep it hot without damaging the flavour as can happen when the glass carafe sits on the heating plate for a long time.

Automatic Pod Coffee Makers

The pod coffee maker is the king of small servings because every cup it makes is a single serving. This allows all the people using a pod machine to choose the java they like best, and they can choose from more than just a basic black brew because pod coffee makers offer many varieties and flavours of coffee, as well as tea and hot chocolate. There's also no messy grounds to deal with. However, special pods such as the K-cup are the most expensive way to buy coffee.

With so many types of coffee makers, all java lovers should be able to find a coffee maker that gives them a brew they are proud to serve.

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