Coin Collecting

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Collecting coins!

What is it about coins that so fascinates the avid collector?

for History!

People have been exchanging coins for millennia. The more linkages that can be made between different kinds of knowledge, the more easy it is to remember, analyse and put into practice that information. Coins help us to remember and celebrate all kinds of events and occasions. The coins just released by the Perth Mint to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 80th birthday are a current example of this.

In the higher grades especially, we can marvel at how many careful hands a certain coin has passed through to arrive in ours in such a 'fine' state! Surely this reminds us that we are mere custodians, with a duty to preserve and maintain our good fortune.

for Geography!

My introduction into munismatics was when my father would return from overseas trips and bestow upon me small change from a variety of countries he'd visited in the course of his work. Coins help to build an interest in and knowledge of the world around us, as well as an understanding of our privileged position as citizens of Australia! Did you know that the most valuable coins in the world are Australian?!?

for Art & Beauty!

Coins in themselves are something of an art form. There is a great challenge for the designer to convert a disc of metal (or many millions of discs!) into a durable object of beauty that can be seen and enjoyed by millions of people over many decades. When we hold a Proof or high-grade coin, perhaps a century or more old, and marvel at its splendour, we can begin to understand the fascination of the collector.

for Economics & Commerce!

My favourite coins are made from silver. In the past gold and silver coins were used as medium of exchange in cultures all around the globe. Here in Australia we can readily see the value of precious metals, as they underpin our economy and standard of living!

Coin collecting is also a great introduction for the young collector into the solid principles of savings and investment. Higher grade coins, being far more collectable, tend to increase in value with time. ...

for Fun!

Gathering a collection while occasionally getting together with other collectors is an excellent experience, as we share knowledge in a common interest and learn more and more about the world around us via the medium of the humble coin - a little disk of metal after all, but so much more!.

I hope you find this little summary useful,
Best Regards,
Scott at revive68

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