Coin cleaning and about ancient roman Bulgaria

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Hi everyone I do myself collect ancient roman and ancient Greek coinage and mostly here from Ebay!

I recently came across a youtube video and heard some gossip before-hand hence discovering this video about the mafia hiring bulldozers to dig-up an ancient roman site of one of there major cities from that time period without preserving or without any-care in a archaeological sense and simply destroying not only that countries historical treasure but destroying one of human-kinds chance to add more knowledge to our libraries so we can gain wisdom from it in the future! However its not mere organized criminal elements it is also the local inhabit desperation to make money by killing there heritage where they could instead combine forces to redevelope these areas into archaeological-sites by preserving them with LTC using what they have to (with the help of professional archaeologist) clean these areas of significant land-growth and years of sediments to create an out-door museum including a building to hold the artifacts so the public/tourists can see the history of human-kind awhile they should be able to take pride in their achievements?? By doing this will preserve this site in Bulgria!

Cleaning ancient coins can be expensive and very time-consuming!

1) One method is by using a tooth-brush and ordinary soap which can take weeks to achieve some reasonable results!

2) Using sawing-machine grade oil with a copper-brush, after you've soaked the coin (s) in the same type of oil.

3) Such for silver-coins a cleaning-bath of solution, this product comes from Germany and costs about $60. The product is called Lighthouse coin cleaning its on the internet! You'll only need minutes to do the job not hours otherwise you'll ruin the coin (s), They also make a product for copper and bronze coins and what I said here also applies!

4) you can also use cola soft-drink to remove slight tarnishes aswell for more aggressive removal try vinegar.

5) You can also ring up your local museums and find-out how to contact artifact preservators?

From D Jones. Good-luck> If you can and you's find ebay sellers selling ancient roman artifacts from Bulgaria then ask them where they got them from and if there answer sound suspicious then in my opinion you's should boigot this seller??? This is all my opinions based-on facts easily re-searched on the net via youtube videos using Bulgaria for your search!!

Merry chrismas and a happy-new year!
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