Coins and Medallions

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What's the difference between a Coin and a Medallion?

Do you know?

Hi folks and welcome.

I have only been on Ebay for a very short time and I must say that I learn something everyday from the vast experience of other people that work and play on Ebay.

I have been advertising, what I belive to be coins, on Ebay for some time until I was alerted to the fact that a coin has a tender value and a medallion does not.

Tokens from casino's and the like that cannot be used as legal tender are Medallions, not coins.

Coins are legal tender in there own said country.

Please keep this in mind when advertising your product on Ebay. Take the time and check out the coin stores on Ebay, you might even see my Coins and Medallions advertised.

Warm regards


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