Collecting European Pottery -Retro West German Vases

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Collecting European pottery and porcelain-

Fabulous Retro West German Vases

The decorating look of the late 1950s and 1960s would not have been complete without the fabulous vases and pottery pieces of the West German potters. In particular the works of Scheurich Keramik dominated the market from the mid 1950s through to the late 1970s. The pieces were stylish and very much sought after.

 The vases were characterised by several features. One of these was the intriguing surfaces which were often called lava glazes as they appeared to be bubbling up from the earth.


Another feature was the often asymmetrical shape- a single handle instead of two, a squared off circle, or an elongated neck. Often the colours were bright and startling, red and orange were favourites, or they could be subtle and earthy, like the ones pictured.


 Often these vases were only marked with West Germany and a number, although many bear the name of Scheurich Keramik. At the time ( between the end of WWII and the reunification of Germany -1945to1989) products made in Germany had to indicate East or West to show whether they had been made in the Communist-controlled East or the independent West. Some countries had embargoes on products produced in Communist countries during the Cold War.

There has been a growing interest in collecting West German vases of this era and they are still to be found at quite reasonable prices, although their value is rising. They certainly add an authentic touch to a Retro decor and make  for a collection that is as yet still rather unusual.

In the past year the market for these vases has stabilised and it is now the more unusual varieties that collectors are looking for. Colours such as the lime green or bright orange which fit into a retro decor are quite popular.


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