Collecting Iron Crosses

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Collecting Iron Crosses

WW1 Ek,s 1914 - 1918


1957 awards


Taking Care Off Your Medals

   Collectors off WW1 & WW2 Items can be a funny mob, they must be one off the only groups off collectors that does not believe in restoration or even cleaning and preventing corrosion to there collectable items

   In nearly all other collecting circles off Antiques there is a very strong believe in taking preventive care off ones collection!   Now I am by know means suggesting that you start polishing the crap out off your medals, but if you see rust developing on your Iron cross, there a certain thinks that can be done to prevent the spread off this rust!

   And then there are the bronze medals, I have seen so many bronze medals where the corrosion has almost eaten through these medals!

   First tip do not use brasso on your medals

  If you have an bronze medal with signs of corrosion simply soak it in olive oil over night, then gently wipe it dry, and it goes with out saying take it off the ribbon first!   For Iron Crosses there is rust preventive oil you can soak these in for just a few minutes, which in most cases will stop the rust dead in its tracks, as a general rule iron crosses seem to start rusting on the iron under the edges off the silver frame

   Polishing off medals is not recommended, but if you do feel the urge the best thing is simply wipe over the medal with a silver cloth

  Also any polishing agents that can be used on fine silver or gold is save as well!

      Do not let your WW2 or WW1 collection just rust away!!!


WW1 Ek2 Maker Marked KO



1870 Ek 1st Class

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