Collecting digital art - Newcen Surrealism -Photo Frame

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Newcen Surrealism.

Digital photo Frames - New art - Screen savers and wallpaper, ebook covers and music video.

While Newcen surrealism is predicated on Digital Art and New Media it has to also encompass traditional arts such as sculpture, especially from modern found objects and even traditional painting and ceramics if the criteria is intrinsic to a work.
The work below would typify the movement as it contains elements not usually seen together which could not have existed without modern technology. (pic wouldn't upload)

Like its parent surrealism, objects not usually seen in the context that actually exist can appear in a work along with almost anything. Things that just weren't around before the last three or four decades of the previous century have to be included if they become encompassed in a new context. Salvador Dali using Photoshop!

Like all movements it exists for its time - post film, internet and the digital age -and has only come into its own since close to the century's turn as computer digital imaging programs such as photoshop have become powerful enough. Post space age, following post Modernism yet encompassing science fiction and fantasy Newcen Surealism is a current and developing art movement that is seen even in television advertising, where an example would be a 4 wheel dive commercial where natural streams (for example) appear suddenly in a city street , in a ruined context. Or in many many examples of music video where reality takes a back seat and movies such as .
It is often used to illustrate environmental or social problems and concerns in a purely visual way. Whatever you make of it, like all art it is becoming more and more collectable and often in a digital form rather than a tangible one, and  encompasses  works in the form of screen savers or desktop wallpaper, with it being the usual practice for artists to produce limited runs to be admired on the computer, digital  television or the new digital photo frames that are coming into their own. A movement to watch, as analogue technology gradually phases into the background and its machines become collectable of themselves ( as in retro transistor radios). So grab a "frame" and start your collection today while its still really affordable and not quite mainstream. Even better - make your own, you can always market it on Ebay and for collectors make sure its dated and signed!  And its for all, it can be as simple as getting permission from your favourite my space page owner to put it in your digital frame or buying a special image to see on your screen or on your tv when there are no programs you fancy (and of course saving it to show your unborn granchildren what it was about when you were young or to sell in 2050 for a huge profit).

Links to some Ebay examples 
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