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How Reliable are Colored Flutes?

I recently received this enquiry from a visitor to my website:

“My daughter would love a coloured flute for school band but all the report I have seen say the are junk and will break easy. And I will spend more time fixing them then playing it. My question is do you have many return due to this or are they pretty reliable?”

Here’s my reply:
That’s a great question Michelle.
I’m a flute teacher and I hire and sell my Masterpiece brand flutes to my students. Occasionally, I need to make a small adjustment, which involves tightening a tiny screw about 10 degrees. This is a small price to pay for the joy and excitement of playing on a shiny, brightly colored instrument.

Admittedly, if my students were playing brand new Yamaha 211 flutes, it’s unlikely that any adjustments would be necessary. But, Yamaha does not make any colored flutes, and their student model 211 costs $649 – more than 3 X as much as my Masterpiece brand.
You can even find cheaper colored flutes than the ones I sell, but I cannot recommend them because I have no control or faith in the quality.
When I first started offering colored flutes I bought flutes from several different suppliers. Some of them sent me flutes that were so badly made they were unplayable. I don’t buy from those factories anymore. Some of my competitors must be buying from them because those factories are still in business.

Now that I have found a reliable supplier I still check every flute to make sure it is playable. Every Masterpiece flute is working perfectly when it leaves me.

How long it will continue to do so is anybody’s guess, because at this low end of the market, the WOW! factor takes precedence over consistency.  If you want certainty above all else, then a major brand is what you need to be looking for, but it won’t be pink or any other color except silver, and it will cost you 3 X as much.
However, the warranty I offer says that for 12 months, if you have any problem with the flute you can return it to me and I will fix it free of charge, or replace it if it’s unfixable.

If you would like to read more about flute quality, please refer to my articles “7 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Flute.”

Hope this helps,
Andrew Scott

PS. In 2013, St Peter’s Girls School in Adelaide hired a batch of Masterpiece flutes for two terms and did not report any problems.
PPSS. The Masterpiece Pink & Silver Flute is proving very popular.
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