Colors of different Birthstones and their meanings

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Birthstones....which one are you?
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Birthstones....which one are you?

Which birthstone are you?

The theories of the Birthstones and their curative powers are present from the ancient times and they even exist in today’s modernize earth. Diverse cultures from all over the globe belief in the magical powers if these twelve Birthstones and often recommend one another to wear the proper gem according to their birth to attain peace in life. Following are twelve stones, along with their colors and essentials.

This stone is red in color and has the significant powers of maintaining eternal love and friendship and trust.

Amethysts are purple quartz and they are easily available throughout the globe. This stone is characteristically allied with royalty and it is a conviction that it maintains its wearer sober and intellectual.

Aquamarine and Bloodstone – March
The month of March has two stones named aquamarine and Bloodstone, both have their own significance. Aquamarine is found in bluish green color while Bloodstone is present in dark=green with red spots on it. Aquamarine is supposed to offer calmness and peace while Bloodstone is said to have therapeutic powers chiefly for blood related disorders.

 Diamonds are available in almost every color ranging from the elegant white color of the dazzling black diamond. They are associated with everlasting love, loyalty and are widely used as engagement ring stones.

Emerald id present in green color and is being excavated since antiquity. This stone has the powers to propose adolescence, verve and superior affluence.

For the month of June three stones are widely popular to be worn. Pearls are present in pure milky white color and the pearl necklace if very famous all around the globe. Alexandrite is an exceptional stone and has mesmerizing color traits. On the day it appears green whilst at night it appears to be purplish red. Moonstones are extensively available in green, blue, peach and champagne colors. The stones are said to have a purity and elegance which provide the wearer fine fortune and offer calmness.

Ruby is accessible in stunning red and slightly purplish red. They are supposed to have higher powers to offer wealth, wisdom, success and health to its wearer.

August also comes with two different stones. Peridot is accessible in yellowish green, olive green and lime green shades. Whilst Sardonyx is available in reddish white and brown. Peridot is evacuated via volcanic eruptions. These stones are supposed to offer courage, victory and success to its owner.

Sapphires are popular in blue color, but they are the most diverse of gems and are obtainable in all colors of the rainbow. They are assumed to defend the cherished ones from harm and greed.

October moreover sports two dazzling gemstones. Tourmaline exists in various assortments of colors and is also known as bi-color or tri-color gem. Opal is extensively famous for its color changing trait; it changes from milky white to black. The stone symbolizes the faith and confidence.

This gemstone signifies the love and affection and is presented in yellow color, but can be found in other various arrays of colors. It also proposes intellect to the wearer.

This gemstones transparency can range from translucent to opaque. It also denotes a love charm and offers success and strength to the owner. It also proposes fine fortune and keeps the mind relax.

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