Colour Combinations By Decades - 20th Century

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When scrapbooking heritage photos, one of the challenges is to pick appropriate colour combinations. The following is a list, by decade, of common colour combinations used at the time. They are based on clothing, interior design and other media.


  •     Pink, violet, black
  •     Heather, violet
  •     violet, mint
  •     Dusty blue, white, black
  •     Lilac, lemon, mint
  •     chamois, browny grey


  •     Deep blue, brown, Cream
  •     Dusty rose, heather
  •     Olive, Cream, black
  •     Dusty rose, dusty blue, white
  •     Dusty blue, royal blue, black
  •     Chamois, periwinkle, olive


  •     Royal blue, olive, Cream
  •     Royal blue, dusty rose
  •     Black, raspberry, evergreen
  •     Cranberry, black, white
  •     Chamois, mint, Cream
  •     Lemon, raspberry, mint


  •     Green, periwinkle, orange
  •     Royal blue, dusty pink, olive
  •     Pink, powder blue, chamois
  •     Olive, cinnamon, chamois, white
  •     Chamois, dusty blue, white
  •     Lemon, lilac, pink, mint


  •     Olive, deep blue, browny grey
  •     Cranberry, deep blue, white
  •     Browny grey, cranberry
  •     Dusty rose, periwinkle, black
  •     violet, chamois, olive/green
  •     Royal blue, perwinkle


  •     Mint, dusty rose, white
  •     Olive, nautical blue, white
  •     Dusty rose, chamois
  •     Cranberry, black, white
  •     Cream, cranberry, white
  •     Pink, black


  •     Lemon, white, chamois
  •     violet, green, blue, black
  •     Cinnamon, dusty blue
  •     Olive, white, royal blue
  •     Gold, raspberry, green, red
  •     Cinnamon, chamois, orange, brown


  •     orange, green, brown
  •     violet, dusty blue
  •     Red/black check
  •     Brown, chamois, heather
  •     Dusty blue, brown
  •     Green/white gingham, brown


  •     Raspberry, gold, periwinkle
  •     Pink, periwinkle, chamois
  •     Dusty blue, pink, white
  •     Slate, brown, teal
  •     Raspberry, teal, white
  •     Dusty rose, purple, black

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