Colour Symbology of Turquoise

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Colour can be used as an "antidote" to situations in our lives.  By being immersed in Colour (by wearing, drinking, eating, using or surrounding ourselves in colour) we can eliminate "missing" colours and bring balance to our lives.  Throughout history Colour has be used to increase the energies of our chakras and general being, to assist physical, spiritual and mental conditions and to aesthetically improve our outlook, both psycologically and within our daily environments.  We use the language of colour everyday:  feeling blue; green around the gills; yellow bellied coward; out of the blue; green with envy; in the pink, etc.  Colour is used to symbolize status or rank, to warn us of danger, to attract our attention or to camoflage our true self. 

The following is a very basic guide to the properties of the following colour and in what situations it may prove useful.  These properties have been collected from various sources and personal experiences over many years.  For more in-depth or specific information please contact an experienced Colour Therapist.


The Gift - The Aquarian principles, creative communication of the heart, the new age, communicating the feeling side, new age communication, media communication, reaching many people simultaneously (silicon chip), group communication, comes from the heart, teaching, public speaking, creativity - poetry / dance / acting / etc, insightful, liberal, flexible, receptive, like their own company, project a clam exterior, Ananda Khanda (bliss centre), inner teacher, transdimensional quality, whole of emotional expression, trust intuition faculty, translation of creativity through emotions, spontaneity, playfulness, cohesive, collective mind, idealistic, humanitarian, independence, self-reliant, attitudinal healing, a freedom loving side, art that flows from interdimensional energies, new technologies, lack of Ego

The Lesson - Difficulty communication feelings, creative block, difficulties speaking one's truth, need to find peace in the heart, delusion, deception, need to be flexible, emotional drama, mental turmoil, difficulty reaching out, can create and live in a fantasy world, cool / distant, unconscious on all levels (shut off from the light), control and misuse of power, not saying what is felt

The Need - Is to express their feelings

Affirmation - I am an individual

Connected to Chakra and Physical Areas of - New Age Heart - higher right side

Relates to Physical conditions of - Thymus - immune system, immuno-deficient conditions, lungs and respiratory organs, shoulders (upper), back

Connects with - Atlantis, Aztecs, Ancient civilizations, Angels, UFO's, interdimensional energies

Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals - Turquoise, Silicon, Glass, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Aquamarine, some of the "green" or "blue" stones may be suitable here

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