Colouring your Model Train Ballast sand

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When I first got into model railroading, i was very surprised how quickly I was spending money in this 'hobby'.  So, like everyone else whom is budget minded, I started looking around for alternatives.  

So, if you've read my other guides, you can see how you can use common garden dirt and sand to make your own Model Railway Scenery - but WHAT if it is not the right colour?   Simple.. we can fix that !

With sand in particular, it is very easy to color.  There are two ways you can to it.  First, you can simply mix it with some cheap acrylic paints to the colour you want it - or, it can be easier if you ballast your track (or use the sand where you need it) and simply paint straight over the top of it.  You will however, in this later method, you will need an air brush - as using a normal brush is just too hard on the sand, you get bad coverage and you ruin your brush !

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