Communication is the key!

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Hello everyone,

Buyers and sellers are not able to foretell what the other is thinking, so communication is the key to a successful transaction when buying and selling on ebay.

Buyers: Let the seller know when payment will be made, if there is a delay, inform the seller. If you are having problems paying for your item on time you must advise the seller, if there is no contact from you sellers will not know why there is a delay even if there is a valid reason.

Every transaction that goes over my accepted payment terms, I will email the buyer with a friendly reminder. If  there is no response from the buyer, I will send a second email reminder advising that no contact has been received to date and give the buyer an additional 2 days to communicate with me. If there is still no response from the buyer at that point I will commence the non paying bidder process.

Unfortunately, some buyers become annoyed. However, had I known there was a delay or had received a reply to my reminder emails, then the NPB process would not have been required.

Communication would have saved a lot of time.

Once your payment is received you will receive an email from me confirming this. When your item is sent you will also receive an email advising the date your item was sent and the time frame it will take for you to receive it. All transactions will receive communication throughout the entire sale process, so there is no question as to what status your order is at.

All emails are answered by me within 24hrs of receiving them, if you send an email and you have not received a response within this time frame it may not have been received, please make contact again.

The transaction is complete once your item arrives safely and in exact condition advertised. Should your product be damaged in transit/faulty/incorrect fit/size or not received you MUST contact the seller and communicate what the issue is. ALL issues can be dealt with and can be resolved, if you do not make contact sellers are not aware of any issues and cannot assist you to rectify/resolve any concerns you may have with your item. Most sellers like to know if there is a problem and how they can assist you. No communication = a negative sale = :(  Please ensure you give the seller a chance to resolve any issues for you before you leave any feedback by communicating with them. It also ensures YOU the customer are happy with the end result, after all thats what the main reason for your purchase is!


Seller's: Buyers are not mind readers. When payment is received, let your buyer know with a simple email. Also advise the buyer the expected delivery time so they know when to expect their item.

It can be quite irritating for a buyer to pay for an item and not hear from the seller if payment has been received and when the item will be sent.

Buyers can forget when packages were sent and may email to find out what you have already told them. Reply to the email ASAP and let them know again.

Communication between the buyer and seller throughout every step of the sale ensures both parties are satisfied with the transaction.


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