Communication is the key to a successful transaction.

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Hi All,

Buyers and sellers alike are not mind readers, so communication is the key to a successful transaction when making or receiving payments.

Buyers tips: Let your seller know when payment will be made, if there is a delay, let the seller know. Unfortunately, I have come across some buyers who have experienced delays but have not let me know.

With every transaction that goes over my accepted payment terms, I will email the buyer with a friendly reminder. If I don't receive a reply, I will start up the non paying bidder process.

Unfortunately, some of these buyers have become annoyed. However, had I known there was a delay or had received a reply to my reminder emails, then the NPB process would not have been started.

Communication would have saved a lot of time.


Seller's tips: Buyers just like you are not mind readers. When payment is received, let your buyer know with a simple email. It's also a good idea to let the buyer know of the expected delivery time.

As a seller in WA, I find that the majority of my buyers live in the eastern states. Obviously, it will take longer for packages to arrive than what the buyer may be used too, so I always let them know when the items is being sent, where it is coming from and how long it should take to get to them.

It can be very unsettling for a buyer to pay for an item and then not hear from their seller as to whether or not payment has been received and if the item is on the way.

Sometimes, buyers can forget when packages were sent and may email to find out what you have already told them. Reply to the email ASAP and let them know again.

Communication makes for a happy buyer.

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