Compact Slim USB Hard Drives Warning

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Compact Slim USB Hard drive WARNING

There are lots of cheap external hard drives on ebay (many from China) all being sold as new.

They are not all new!!

Some sellers are putting OLD or USED laptop hard drives into NEW USB hard drive enclosures (cases) and passing them off as new.

You can get new laptop hard drives enclosures very cheaply through eBay and come in handy if you upgrade your laptop hard drive you put your old hard drive into an enclosure and use it as an external USB drive.

Apart from the obvious deception that you are not receiving a new product as stated - you dont know HOW OLD the hard drive is or where it came from. I bought one recently and the hard drive "clicked" very noiseyly and soon after failed.

If you see hard drives being sold in generic or unbranded enclosures - unless it clearly stated the hard drive INSIDE is NEW - be suspious and ask the seller for more information.

Otherwise you could be buying a USED hard drive on its last legs rather than a reliable new one.
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