Complete Guide to Air Bag Suspension Kits

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Complete Guide to Air Bag Suspension Kits

Air bag suspension kits work to improve suspension support for towing and hauling. They improve how comfortable and stable the ride is for the vehicle. Many air bag suspension kits work with pre-existing coil or leaf suspension systems to allow for easier and faster installation. The kits come with all of the components that someone needs to successfully install the new suspension system, including all necessary hardware and mounts. Before choosing this type of suspension, it is important to understand it to ensure it is right for the vehicle.


Installation information

The kits provide the parts necessary for installation. Each kit differs when it comes to installation, so those performing the work must check the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that they are doing the job right. Just about anyone can install this kit as long as they have the right tools and the instructions state which tools are necessary.

Installers should be sure to choose the right type of kit for the vehicle. For example, truck air suspension kits are more complicated because they work to help the truck to tow and haul heavy loads. A sports car kit is mostly for lowering or lifting the vehicle and changing the vehicle appearance.


Air suspension purpose

There are five primary purposes for using air bag suspension on a vehicle. First, there is a very wide tuning range with this type of suspension for load capacity and spring rate and the necessary adjustments take only a few minutes to make. Air springs are typically progressive, which improves the overall performance potential of the vehicle.

Drivers can customise the vehicle performance to allow for better handling and comfort while driving, which requires simple adjustments of the shock valving and the air pressure. From an appearance standpoint, drivers are able to lower or raise their vehicle with this type of system. Drivers can restore the vehicle to its normal height with a few simple adjustments for normal driving. Finally, the primary and original use of this type of system is to allow for large trucks to be comfortable for drivers who are carrying heavy loads.


Benefits and disadvantages

The biggest benefit of a suspension kit is that it improves the quality of a vehicle's ride. When a driver hits a bump, the vehicle glides over it without jarring any of the passengers inside. Drivers have the ability to adjust this type of system so that they can improve the overall handling of the vehicle and the comfort when driving on harsh terrain.

With trucks that haul and tow items, drivers can adjust this system to account for heavier loads. The adjustments work to increase firmness when the driver is towing something. This helps to prevent very heavy loads from being able to weigh the truck down during transport.


The primary disadvantage of air suspension is the cost. While it comes standard on some luxury vehicles, installing it aftermarket is a costly venture. It is also costly to fix when something goes wrong. If the suspension breaks when the vehicle is moving, it tends to tilt to one side. This makes driving dangerous, so if problems arise, drivers must fix them right away.


Air bag types and compressor

There are three primary air bag types that come with this type of suspension kit. The double-convoluted bag looks like an hourglass to provide for a greater level of lateral flexibility. The tapered sleeve bag has more ride height adjustability to allow for fit in tighter areas. The rolling sleeve bag allows for better spring control and ride height.


The compressor is what feeds air to the bags in an air bag suspension system. This component pulls air from outside, uses a desiccant to absorb moisture, and then sends it to the bags. The fact that it pulls moisture before sending the air to the bags is critical because moisture can cause issues in this type of system. The compressor is usually in the boot or on the vehicle's frame.


How to Buy Air Bag Suspension Kits on eBay

Air suspension kits offer a lot of benefits, especially for those who use their vehicles to haul or tow heavy loads frequently. Find the right suspension kit on eBay by searching for items like "air bag suspension" or "suspension kit" because these provide a broad range of results for searchers to look through to compare the various kits that are available. To find specific types of suspension kits that work for a particular vehicle, search for something like "truck suspension" or "air truck suspension" for kits that work for trucks.

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