Complete Guide to Buying Affordable Michelin Motorbike Tyres

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Complete Guide to Buying Affordable Michelin Motorbike Tyres

Michelin motorbike tyres offer high performance, excellent grip, and greater durability. The company manufactures and sells tyres for on-road and off-road bikes, as well as scooters. As tyres are some of the most expensive motorbike accessories bikers require, it is important to find the best deal possible. Learn how to keep Michelin motorbike tyres affordable by buying the right tyres the first time. Know how, where, and when to shop to benefit from the deals available. Buyers can find Michelin motorbike tyres at tyre and bike shops and online from marketplaces, such as eBay.

Choose the Right Tyres

One of the simplest and most important ways to keep Michelin tyres affordable is to avoid wasting money on the wrong tyres. Buyers that are unsure of the type of tyres that are best for their riding styles and bikes should research the items on offer. Buyers should consider the type of terrain they ride on most often. On-road bikers can choose from tyres suitable for activities such assport and racing, touring, and commuting, while off-road bikers can choose from tyres suitable for activities such as motocross, trial, and rally riding.

Tyre Construction

Understanding tyre construction helps the buying process. The table below lists and describes the three types of motorbike tyre construction.

Type of Tyre Construction



Consist of layers of cord laid in a criss-cross pattern

Tyre flexes, but does not stretch

Used on classic bikes


Also known as bias-belted

Layers of bias-ply covered with belts that run under the tread to stiffen the tyre

Smoother ride than bias-ply

Has a "B" in the tyre code

Used on older bikes


Composed of ply cords running from bead to bead, crossing the tread

Features stabiliser belts that run along the middle of the tread

Improved tread life and steering

Not suitable for off-road bikes

Commonly used on modern bikes

Different tyre constructions yield different handling. Buyers that are unsure of the best type of tyre construction for their needs should look for like-for-like replacement tyres.

When shopping for Michelin tyres for a motorbike, have the make and model to hand. Also, consider the tyre's width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter. Many sellers advertise tyres according to the bikes they fit and most can provide guidance regarding tyre suitability. Alternatively, visit the manufacturer's online tool to find the ideal fit.

Factors to Consider when Buying Affordable Michelin Motorbike Tyres

When it comes to sourcing affordable Michelin motorbike tyres, it is best to begin the search a month or two before the tyre replacement date. Buyers should look for deals from retailers and garages, as well as online sellers. The additional time allows shoppers to compare prices and increases the likelihood that they can benefit from special offers.

Sets of Michelin Motorbike Tyres

Buyers should look for special offers that include front and rear tyres. As it is best for safe bike handling to use the same construction for both tyres and to change them at the same time, buyers may be able to save when buying tyre sets.

Fitment for Michelin Motorbike Tyres

Buyers should take the cost of having the tyres fitted professionally into account while comparing prices. It is best to contact local garages and tyre fitment centres to find out whether they offer special prices when consumers buy tyres from them and have them fitted onsite. Buyers should compare the cost of purchasing from a third party with a separate fitment fee to buying from a fitment centre where the cost includes fitting.

Grip vs. Durability of Michelin Motorbike Tyres

When buying motorbike tyres, there is a trade-off between grip and durability. Softer tyres offer better grip, but are not as durable as harder tyres. Racing or sport tyres require more frequent replacement than those that are suitable for touring or commuting because they are softer for a better grip. In addition, harder tyres offer greater fuel efficiency. Although sports tyres yield better handling in dry conditions, those that are more durable cost less over time as riders save on fuel and replacement costs.

Used Michelin Motorbike Tyres

Although buying used Michelin motorbike tyres seems like a good money saving strategy, buyers should consider whether this is the best option. Although used tyres may look as though they are in perfect condition, they could have weaknesses that cause tyre failure within a relatively short period. This makes them dangerous, as they could fail while in use. When buying used tyres, shoppers should carefully check for cracks and signs of rubber fatigue. Avoid tyres older than five years. Although storage and use affect tyre condition, manufacturers recommend annual professional checks for older tyres.

Seller Location

Retailer websites and online marketplaces are excellent places to look for affordable Michelin motorbike tyres. Save on delivery costs by looking for local sellers and retailers that allow buyers to collect their purchases. In addition, collection gives buyers the opportunity to inspect the tyres before accepting them.

How to Buy Affordable Michelin Motorbike Tyres

eBay is the ideal place to shop for affordable Michelin motorbike tyres. Browse the selection available or use the search field to look for a specific tyre. Simply type a key phrase, for example " Michelin tyre Harley Davidson ", into the bar to see the listings available from eBay sellers. Narrow your selection by choosing the most suitable item specifications. Remember to visit eBay Deals for more great offers on motorbike tyres.

Finding affordable Michelin motorbike tyres may seem like a challenge, but knowing where, when, and how to shop makes it easy to find the perfect items at the right price. eBay is a great place to shop as prices are competitive and easy to compare.

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