Complete Guide to Buying a Caravan Awning

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Complete Guide to Buying a Caravan Awning

An awning can greatly improve the living conditions in a caravan. It is an inexpensive way of adding a considerable amount of space, which is something many caravan owners need. Residents can use these temporary or permanent structures as sleeping quarters, as a dining area, or simply for storage. Smaller designs can add a simple porch to the caravan, providing the much-needed shade for relaxation.

Picking the right caravan awning can be a bit difficult for first timers. A buyer should first seek information on the types of awning available on the market and the advantages each offers. With knowledge about the product and the factors influencing a purchase, picking the right awning becomes quite easy.

Types of Caravan Awning

The first thing any buyer needs to do is to choose the type of awning that fits his needs. Types refers to the awning construction, and there are several available on the market. Free-standing awnings are much like tall tents with four covered walls. Leaning porch is a similar design but it uses the side of the caravan as one of the four walls. An annex is a structure that caravan owners can use to expand or link several awnings and sun canopy is a design with just a roof and no walls. The buyers should carefully assess his needs and choose a type that can match them. The free-standing design offers more options than the rest, as it is almost an individual structure. However, those who only need a shade to dine outside can opt for a much cheaper sun canopy.

Type of Awning




Four walls


Leaning porch

Three walls

Sits against caravan

Traditional awning



Links multiple awnings

Changeable walls and roof

Sun canopy


No walls

Some are retractable

Using the chart above, consumers can quickly assess which caravan awning best suits their needs. This allows shoppers to make a confident, accurate purchase to make the most of their caravanning experience.

Size of Caravan Awning

Not many owners know the exact dimensions of their caravans by heart. To pick the right size, the buyer should first do some measuring. The height and length of the caravan are not crucial, as the vans are not always shaped with 90-degree angles. A good measuring approach is to use a measuring string that starts from the ground on one side of the caravan, goes over it, and lands on the opposite side. The total length of the measuring string should correspond with some of the dimensions mentioned in the specifications.

This measuring technique applies to those who need a full awning. If a buyer needs only a porch awning, something smaller can do the trick. The awning manufacturer can provide guidance when it comes to choosing a size.

Material and Quality Assessment

Buyers can find caravan awnings created out of different materials. Each material has its strong and weak sides, which reflect on the quality of the awning itself. Cotton is not very durable but it is very breathable, which can be an advantage. Acrylic materials are the opposite; they are highly durable, but non-breathable. Polyester is a material that represents a balance between the two properties, with medium durability and breathability. Acrylic is a bit superior to the others when it comes to outdoor use. Harsh weather conditions cannot shrink, rot, or fade this material, which makes it ideal for this type of use.

The construction and the joining of the fabric itself play a large role in the overall quality. A closely-woven fabric with a fine texture is something that buyers should aim to find. Depending on the fabric construction, a sheet of the same material can be either light or heavy, and it can possess different levels of water resistance. The buyer must pay attention to stitching and reinforced areas. In order for an awning to be durable, it needs to have reinforced stitching in critical areas. Windows, doorways, and zippers are all places where wear and tear usually occurs, so one should try to find a model that has an extra layer of stitching in those regions.

The quality of the zippers themselves also affects the overall quality of the awning. Awning design usually has zippers running over an angle, and spiral zippers provide smooth performance. Regarding material, there is not much choice when it comes to zippers. Most of them are made of nylon, which has become an industry standard.

Colour of Caravan Awning

Though the role of colour is mostly aesthetic, it still has some influence on the overall experience created by the awning. There are all sorts of awning colours available on the market, and buyers need to distinguish between bright and dark. Those who wish a more reflective surface should go for a brighter colour, as bright-coloured awnings are less likely to heat up, which makes them a better choice for summer use. The downside of this group of colours is that they easily become dirty and need regular cleaning. Stains are less visible on dark-coloured awnings, making them a better choice for unpredictable weather and set-ups that need to last a long time.

How to Buy a Caravan Awning on eBay

It is a good idea to consider eBay when shopping for a caravan awning. There is a nice selection that can satisfy any buyer's needs. To locate eBay's offers on awnings, simply enter 'caravan awning' as a query in the search bar on any eBay web page.

There are many ways to manage the results, but having a more specific query is always a smart choice. Include the awning type in the query for a more usable subset. The condition filter is useful too, as it does a good job of separating the offers on new and used awnings. Do remember to check the deals page prior to purchase. Today might be the day a tempting offer on awning appears.

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