Complete Guide to Buying a Rivet Gun

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Complete Guide to Buying a Rivet Gun

While some auto repairs are as simple as fixing up the paint job after a scrape or working out a dent after a minor collision, others are much more complicated and require more intensive tools. When rebuilding vehicles or performing major body work, rivet guns are highly versatile and powerful tools that enable consumers to attach pieces of metal to other materials, particularly other pieces of metal. Purchasing the right rivet gun is essential to a safe and successful project.


Rivet gun style

Like other tools, several types of rivet guns are available. Evaluating the different types and choosing the one most appropriate for a specific project is important to getting the highest-quality results efficiently and consistently. Regardless of the specific type, rivet guns use a burst of air to force the piston, which pushes the rivet into the material. This air gun style makes the tool very powerful but also reliable.

Slow-hitting gun

Most appropriate for use on hard rivets or for consumers without extensive experience with this type of tool, slow-hitting rivet guns deliver repeated blows to the rivet as long as the trigger is compressed. Averaging approximately 2,500 bpm, or blows per minute, this slower rate offers better control, greater accuracy, and less kick than guns that deliver a single blow. These guns deliver harder hits than guns with faster rates, making them work well with hard materials, such as steel rivets.

Fast-hitting guns

Fast-hitting rivet guns operate much the same way as the slow-hitting versions, but at a higher rate of speed. The faster blows are less intense than the slower blows, making this type of gun more appropriate for rivets made of softer materials because the lighter hits are less likely to cause dents or other damage to the individual rivets or the material around them. This makes them ideal for working with softer rivet materials, such as aluminium.

Squeeze gun

When uniformity is important and the user is placing rivets close to the edge of a working material, a squeeze gun offers fantastic results. The design of the gun allows it to surround the rivet rather than just hovering over it. Compressing the trigger then results in air pressure from both sides, squeezing the rivet in place. The squeezing action reduces the risk of damage and creates uniformity in the positioning and depth of the rivets.


Rivet size

When selecting a rivet gun, it is important to choose one that is compatible with the size of rivet necessary for the project. As with other tools, various types of rivets are available to meet the needs of different metals and projects. Larger rivets hold more firmly and are more appropriate for attaching heavy materials than smaller rivets. Once consumers determine which size rivet is right for the specific auto body repair project, they can select a gun that is compatible with the rivet size. Most guns are compatible with a range of rivet sizes, much like drills and drill bits. This makes it easier to handle various different projects without having to purchase multiple rivet guns.


Safety considerations

Safety is a critical consideration in any project, but especially working with potentially dangerous materials, such as metal and volatile tools like high-pressure air. Having the right safety tools should be an important part of the rivet gun purchasing process to ensure the safety of the consumers and anyone around them throughout the entire project.

Eye protection

The high-intensity air pressure used to force rivets into the material can also cause airborne debris. Wearing safety goggles protects the worker's eyes from these particles, preventing serious injury. Consumers should be sure to purchase high-quality safety goggles designed for work environments and insist everyone in the working environment wear them whenever the gun is in use.

Hand protection

Rivet guns move very quickly, which can lead to hand irritation and injury. Bare hands can also become slick, making it difficult to hold the gun securely, which leads to risk of slipping or even dropping the gun. Wearing work gloves protects a worker's hands while also providing a stronger grip to ensure accuracy and safety while using the rivet gun.


How to buy rivet guns on eBay

Shopping on eBay for rivet guns is like exploring the most extensive automotive repair shop imaginable right from the convenience of your own keyboard. Finding the gun that is right for your project is as simple as typing "rivet guns" into the search bar on any page and searching through all of the available options. To narrow your search, try specifying the brand or style of gun. Do not hesitate to ask the seller questions to ensure the quality and condition of the gun before making your final decision.

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