Complete Guide to Buying a Sports Exhaust System

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Complete Guide to Buying a Sports Exhaust System

A performance exhaust system is helpful for improving the overall engine flow. This improves overall engine efficiency to increase power by upgrading the exhaust and the intake. Factor exhaust systems limit the flow of the exhaust because they have smaller diameter baffles, bends, and piping. A performance exhaust offers a larger diameter, reducing obstructions to increase power and efficiency. Those looking for a performance exhaust system can choose to get a whole system or just specific parts because any performance upgrade increases vehicle efficiency.


Performance exhaust system types

There are four primary types of performance exhaust systems. The first type is the single exhaust system, which uses a single tailpipe and muffler. This type of exhaust offers the following advantages:

  • Stealth appearance
  • Better vehicle exhaust note
  • Better fuel economy
  • Fewer components so fewer costs
  • Better vehicle performance
  • Ease of installation

This type increases overall vehicle efficiency. It also provides the characteristic sound of a performance exhaust.

Dual exhaust system

A dual exhaust system, or twin exhaust system, has two tailpipes and two mufflers. In some cases, a dual exhaust is only for appearance, but some types actually use both tailpipes and mufflers for vehicle efficiency. The advantages of a dual exhaust include:

  • Upgraded vehicle appearance
  • Better performance
  • Better vehicle exhaust note
  • Better exhaust flow
  • Better fuel economy

This exhaust type increases the sound of the vehicle and overall vehicle efficiency. Those wanting the most performance gains should install a dual exhaust that actually uses both tailpipes and mufflers.


A cat-back exhaust system expands upon the axle-back type of exhaust system. It improves the mileage and horsepower of a vehicle by increasing the exhaust flow. Horsepower improvements are as high as 17 per cent to better the vehicle's passing and pulling power and acceleration.


An axle-back exhaust system starts at the vehicle's rear axle and consists of a tailpipe, exhaust tips, a muffler, and over-axle piping. Due to the few components necessary to build the system, this is the most cost-effective performance exhaust type.


Exhaust materials

There are three main materials that manufacturers use to create performance exhaust components. First, T304 stainless steel does not harden with heat and it is resistant to corrosion; it is ideal for all climate types. Second, T409 stainless steel resists corrosion and has titanium stabilisation. Finally, aluminised steels are the most common performance exhaust material. Aluminium-silicon alloy coats the system to ensure optimal operation in high heat and corrosion resistance.


Major performance exhaust system components

Several parts make up a performance exhaust system. Those who are building their own system or only replacing specific parts should consider certain facts:

  • A muffler muffles the sound of the exhaust system to prevent excessive noise
  • Exhaust tips improve the cosmetic appearance of the system
  • Catalytic converter works to reduce harmful emissions
  • Tailpipe ensures that the harmful gases put out by the exhaust system are able to exit the vehicle
  • Exhaust manifold works to bring all of the exhaust gases together into a single pipe

All of the exhaust system components play an important role. Car owners should not forget about items, like braces and mounts, to place all of the exhaust components and properly hold them in place under the vehicle.


System maintenance

To keep a performance exhaust system working at an optimal level, drivers must perform the right maintenance at the right time. They should look at the hangers to ensure that they are strong and tight. If they are loose or broken, they should replace them to ensure that all of the exhaust components stay in place. They should also look at the rubber section for integrity problems.

Drivers should visually inspect the muffler, tailpipe, and exhaust tips to look for rust and other signs of wear. If the vehicle is making excessive noise, it can indicate that the muffler requires replacement. When replacing any of these parts, it is ideal to also replace the hanger to ensure that it is strong enough to keep the new parts in place.


How to Buy Performance Exhaust Systems on eBay

Getting the right performance exhaust system for a vehicle helps to improve overall vehicle performance. Those who need a complete exhaust system and those who just need parts can search for them on eBay. For an entire system, search for "performance exhaust system" to receive a variety of results. To see the specific exhaust system components, search for items like "exhaust pipe", "muffler", and "tailpipe" for individual parts. Consumers can also look for an exhaust system type, such as a "dual exhaust" to see results for the type necessary for the vehicle.

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