Complete Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

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Complete Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

Whether a person is new to biking or has plenty of experience, maintaining a motorcycle in tip-top condition is essential for safety on the road and for prolonging its lifespan. Bikers do not need mechanical experience to perform basic maintenance tasks on their motorcycle, which may include washing the bike, taking care of the chain and tyres, or changing the oil. Reading more about how to maintain a motorcycle can help users keep their bike in a like-new condition.


Tips for washing a motorcycle

Washing a motorcycle is best done at home, as commercial washing facilities use high-pressure hoses that can damage some of the bike parts. Bikers should always wash their motorcycle in a shady spot, as doing so in direct sun may allow water to leave spots and harm paint.

Items required to wash a motorcycle

To clean the motorcycle, a person should use a mild soap or liquid detergent suitable for car surfaces. Special automotive cleaners are also a suitable choice. Other items required for cleaning a motorcycle include a degreaser or engine cleaner, a brush for wheel cleaning, bug and tag remover, wheel cleaner, microfibre sponges, soft cotton rags, and gloves. As a rule of thumb, a motorcyclist should avoid cleaning products that are not intended for car or motorcycle surfaces.


Storing a motorcycle for winter

Motorcycles require proper storage for winter, as extreme cold and high humidity can damage them. Bike owners can opt for a specially designed motorcycle cover made from materials that are resistant to mildew. Using a tarp is not a good idea because this type of material can trap moisture inside, which may lead to rusting. Alternatively, a person can use one of the storage programmes offered by motorcycle dealers.


Taking care of the motorcycle chain

The chain of a motorcycle requires constant care and lubrication to ensure a safe ride. When not maintained properly, chains can fail and damage the motorcycle. Bikers should inspect the chains about twice a month and make sure they are in place and well-lubricated. Most motorcycle chains are of an O-ring type, and buyers can choose from a variety of O-ring-friendly chain lubricants and cleaners.


Inspecting and maintaining motorcycle tyres

Tyre pressure can vary significantly from one type of motorcycle to another. This depends on load ratings and speed, but riders should make sure their tyres have the right pressure at all times.

Checking the tyre tread

Moreover, motorcyclists need to be sure the tyre treads are not too worn down. When the tread depth of a motorcycle tyre becomes too shallow, the tyres need replacement. To check the depth of the tyre treads, motorcyclists can use a depth gauge for accurate results. Alternatively, riders can use a small coin to measure depth. If the coin goes almost entirely into the tread channel, the tyres do not need yet need replacement.


Changing a motorcycle's engine oil

Scheduled oil changes are one of the best tasks to perform to make sure the engine of the motorcycle remains in good condition. Most motorcycle manufacturers have their own recommendations when it comes to changing the oil of a bike. To decide which type of motorcycle oil to use, owners should consult the manufacturer's manual.

How to change the oil

To change the oil, motorcycle owners should drain the old oil by using a pan-shape container. All motorcycles have a drain plug, which the user has to remove first, sometimes using some force. Owners should replace the filters every time they change the oil. There are two types of motorcycle filters, so they should pay attention to the type required for their bike. The two types are cartridge filters and spin-on filters. After removing the old filter, consumers should wipe out the excess oil with a clean rag. Owners should then install the new filter and fill it with fresh oil. They should keep a close watch on the oil level to make sure there are no leaks. Restarting the engine is necessary to pump oil into the filter.


How to buy motorcycle parts on eBay

To buy parts and accessories necessary for maintaining your motorcycle in good condition on eBay, all you need to do is type the name of the item you are looking for into the search bar of the website and browse through the several pages of results you receive. Refine the results by type, features, price, brand, location of the seller, and more to speed up the search. If you are looking to save money on delivery fees, try to purchase the maintenance items from a local seller.

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