Composing Your Best eBay Auction Ad In 55 Characters

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To begin the eBay title creation process, take those words you've isolated as being important and see how many you can fit into the 55 character window. Play around with different combinations, always striving to make maximum impact as quickly as possible. If the title is your most valuable eBay real estate, the first word of that title is the most valuable of all.

Stuff your title field with as many relevant keywords as you can, but don't overdo it. No need for commas or dashes to separate words, a single space will do. But don't omit those spaces just to squeeze in more words as you'll only be shooting yourself in the foot. If it looks like mumbo-jumbo, it will be passed over instantly.

Modify your collection of words and short forms for easy reading. Take what you have and string them together making sure your title makes sense. Many listings on eBay fail to do so. They're just a collection of words or characters that fail to woo prospects inside.

Use up as much of your allotted space as you can. Don't settle for 25 or 40 characters because that part is easy to do. Fill up the field with additional words to make the overall headline more useful, more descriptive, and more alluring. Rarely should you leave more than one or two extra spaces unused. There's always more you can say, more firepower you can inject, to potentially attract larger crowds and more active bidding.

Choose one specific word or phrase to highlight and capitalize it. When a relatively small part of your headline is placed in UPPERCASE format, it stands apart from the others. But when they're all set in uppercase, it's as if you're shouting. And that's not something you want to do in the online world.

Once you've pieced together your best effort, you're done at least for now. Consider every effort and every listing as a test. That's what the most successful marketers do.

Chances are very good you haven't done your best headline work just yet. Instead what you have is a starting point from which to grow and improve your profits. You now have a control and can test new variations, once your listing is up and running.

Compare your page views and closing bid prices to that of your competitors as well as your own earlier efforts. If results are noticeably different and all other variables (no optional upgraded ad features used) are the same, carefully examine both the titles and descriptions.

eBay selling solved!

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