Composite Bows vs. Longbows

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Composite Bows vs. Long Bows

Archery has gained popularity as a sport over the years. Getting into archery in any serious capacity usually requires the purchase of a bow. This guide will look at the two most popular options, the composite bow and the longbow, weighing the pros and cons of both options. Regardless of which bow is chosen, eBay is a great marketplace to purchase all your bow and archery needs.


Composite Bow

A composite bow is similar to the more traditional-shaped bows, usually made from horn, wood, and sinew laminated together. This layering of materials within the bow helps store more energy than a bow made purely from wood. This does mean, however, that the time spent to make such a bow is longer, and this is reflected in the selling price.
The main advantage of composite bows over bows made from one material (usually wood) is their stronger power and smaller size. For their size, they are able to store more energy, requiring less draw strength from the archer. This makes the composite bow a great choice for mounted archery or those first starting out.



A longbow is a bow that is usually as tall as the archer firing it, thus allowing a very long draw (typically to the jaw). A longbow does not have significant recurve, usually having an elongated shape. Longbow construction dates back many thousands of years and consists of different types of wood during this period. The modern longbow is usually made from a single type of wood, typically wood from the yew tree.

The longbow has an advantage in range, usually out-shooting other bows. The power does not drop off during flight, making the arrows retain their power over long distances. Due to their size and the strength needed to draw the bow, learning to use a longbow is usually quite a difficult task and better suited to a larger person.


Choosing Between the Two

Although the composite and longbow have their own advantages in certain areas, a lot of the choice comes down to personal preference. Larger archers often choose the longbow as it is better suited to their size, while some people choose it to give their archery a more genuine and traditional feel. It is recommended that a shopper try out both types of bows for themselves before a decision is made. Getting to know what feels right helps to make an informed decision.


Other Considerations

Right- vs. Left-Handed

As with most other sports, there are completely different setups depending on whether the archer is left-handed or right-handed. Getting this wrong will make drawing the bow very unnatural, as the arrows go on the right for a right-handed bow, and vice-versa for the left-handed bows.


As mentioned, the size of the archer will determine the ease in which the bow is used. For longbows, the size is usually based around the height of the archer. For a composite bow, the size is less dependent on this. An incorrectly-sized bow will feel awkward, so always check this before purchasing.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is basically the amount of force that is needed to be exerted to pull the string back. Having a higher draw weight will mean the bow will be harder to draw, but it will release more force upon the arrow. Choosing the right draw weight is usually correlated on the strength and skill-level of the archer. New archers should choose a lighter draw weight so they can concentrate on technique over power.


Purchasing Bows on eBay

When a potential buyer is finally ready to purchase a bow or any accessories for archery, eBay is a great place to start. Go to the sporting goods section, then archery, and then bows. Using the category and keyword search boxes will help narrow down the results to exactly what is required. When purchasing from eBay, make sure to know your item and shipping details as well as terms and conditions for the sale. The feedback system allows buyers to investigate the seller to see how previous sales have gone for peace of mind.



When shopping for a bow, look at what is best suited for the needs of the archer. Both composite bows and longbows are good choices, depending on what is required of them. Also, look into other factors such as size and draw weight so that the perfect option is chosen. No matter which bow the seller is looking for, eBay is the perfect place for all your archery needs.

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