Connecting a Bluetooth Headset to your mobile phone

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Nowadays, many people have a mobile phone with bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to connect a wireless headset via a invisable pairing between the mobile and the earpiece. Once the connection is made, you can walk about 10 metres away from your phone before the connection is lost. Bluetooth is sometime difficult to setup so I will guide you through it.

1.  Go into your phones menu and find connections. It may be in a sub catagory of settings. Go into bluetooth

2. Turn on your bluetooth headset. Once the headset is on, it needs to be in pairing mode. This is usually done by holding down either the volume or power button, or both for a few seconds. A light should change colour or stay on telling you it is ready.

3. One the phone, select 'Find New Device" or "Device Search". It will now find your headset.

4. Once the phone has found the headset, select next. It will ask for a passcode. For Motorola headsets this is 0000

5. Once the passcode is accepted the connection should have been established, this is shown normally by a blinking light.Voila.

Next time your turn you headset on, select ok when it asks for connection on the phone. You can now enjoy the benefits of wireless freedom.


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