Connecting with your Angels

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The chances are very high that you have already heard your Angels and
other spiritual beings speak to you throughout your life. Have any of
the following situations happened to you?
*Upon awakening, you hear your name called by a disembodied voice.
*Out of nowhere, you hear a strain of beautiful, celestial sounding
*You repeatedly hear a song, either in your head or on the radio.
*You overhear a conversation in which a strange say the exact thing
that you need to hear.
* You just "happen" to turn on the TV or radio at the exact moment that
a revelant discussion is occurring.
*You hear a deceased love one's voice, in your mind, in a dream, or
outside of your head.(This is more common with meditation, when you
have calmed your mind to stop)
*You may hear a song come on that you did not program and will
*You have prayed over a matter and within ten minutes there is a
solution that you know only God and the Angels or a much loved one must
have had a hand in to watch out for you.?
{With our messages, prayers, and requests, it is not our Angels' role
to interpret our wants or to interfere with our free will, so we have
to take responsibility for the results of our prayers and desires. When
you come to work with Angels, one of the most important things is to be
really clear about your purpose, and to be certain that it is in
harmony with the greater of Good.}
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