Contact me before leaving neutral or negative feedback!

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Sometimes Ebay seems impersonal. We do not know who we are dealing with. In my experience most people are nice people amenable to good communication. I certainly consider myself as that. I am not a professional seller. I mostly buy on Ebay, and I sell items that I believe have a good life ahead of them and it would be a waste if they stayed tacked away in  corner. I charge postage and handling as close to actual postage cost as I can estimate at home, and indeed I often end paying some postage myself on top of Ebay, Paypal charges and packaging. Please contact me if I made a mistake or you feel my description was inaccurate. I will do my best to correct any mistake. and resolve any problem.
Unfortunately every now and then you run into some thoughtless, selfish people. I had one like that recently. After buying for $5 an item I paid $60 for, this person decided to leave neutral feedback because of the $10  postage and handling charge which was stated on the listing before she bid, and without ever contacting me for an explanation or refund.This was my best guess of the postage cost because the item weight over 400 grams without packaging and with packaging it went over 500 grams on my home scales. There is no subdivision between 500 grams and 1 kilo with Australia Post therefore the cost jumps at 500 grams. Alas at the post office scales it showed at just under 500 grams. I did not exactly profit at the expense of this person. By the time you account for Ebay, Paypal charges and packaging, let alone the cost of my time and effort, I certainly made nothing but a cup of coffee from this transaction. If this person paused to think about me as a person and not as an Ebay ID maybe s/he would have been more human in the response/feedback! So please think and communicate before you take punitive action against me or anyone else for that matter! Thanks for your time!!!
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