Cool Apparel You Can Wear with Leggings

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Cool Apparel You Can Wear with Leggings

From fitness fanatics to fashionistas, ladies down under love a pair of leggings. These garments started life in the gym, but now appear on the runways of top designer labels. They have become one of the hottest clothing items and compete actively with ever-popular jeans when women want an outfit for a casual occasion or fun party. As the variety of shapes and designs increases, shoppers should consider the cool tops, jackets, shorts, and dresses that give leggings a flattering look.



Leggings are no longer just plain black stretchy garments; they are available in printed patterns and even feature mesh inserts and embellishments. This makes them just as exciting as a pair of designer trousers, so shoppers should choose tunics or blouses that show off the design.

Silk tunics

Any tunic looks good with leggings, but a silk version offers a touch of class. This cool design is a runway favourite because it provides a roomy fit without being shapeless and the fabric does not cling to any problem areas. Shorter women should aim to choose a tunic in the same colour as the leggings to make them appear taller.

Pretty blouses

If shoppers want to show off their shapely legs, a pretty blouse is a feminine choice to wear with leggings. A simple white blouse with lace trim paired with dark leggings offers a polished style that makes the outfit appear dressier.


Jackets and Coats

Leggings provide a firm foundation that allows wearers to create a range of layered looks. A well-cut boyfriend jacket or trench coat brings a cool note of style to the outfit.

Boyfriend jackets

Boyfriend jackets have a loose fit that gives them a relaxed look when paired with leggings. They also tend to be longer than other jackets, so they cover the bottom. Wearers often complete this masculine look with a pair of stylish brogues.

Trench coats

Trench coats make leggings look ultra-chic, especially if they have a flare cut. A coat that ties at the waist adds definition to the figure for an even more flattering silhouette. This sleek look is modern and works perfectly for an informal dinner or a night out with friends.



Leggings with a wild pattern, such as a colourful animal print, look hot with a pair of shorts. This works with any fabric, but denim shorts are a reliable choice. A simple T-shirt pulls the whole outfit together.



Wearing leggings under dresses is one of the more contemporary looks. Leggings are great for chilly weather and give some women more confidence to wear shorter dresses. Women should ensure that the leggings have a flat waistband so that the garment does not affect the smooth contours of the dress. As leggings tend not to have any feet, it is important to consider their length and the style of footwear in addition to the features of the dress.

Sparkly mini dresses

Sparkly mini dresses are fun and a pair of tight leggings makes them more modest than they are with bare legs. Wearers can stand, sit, and travel up escalators without worrying about over exposure. This look can also look retro, so consumers need to decide which style they want before they start shopping.

For a more seductive look, a figure hugging sequined mini dress, three-quarter-length leggings, and high heels provide the illusion of slimmer calves. For a 1980s-inspired outfit, a mini dress with a full skirt and ankle-length shiny leggings look great with a pair of peep-toe sandals.

Wool mid-length dresses

For a cool look that keeps wearers warm on wintery days, a knee-skimming wool dress is ideal. The leggings in this outfit are a good substitute for tights because they are generally breathable and are a little bit looser fitting, which often makes them more comfortable. The dress should be no longer than mid-length otherwise the leggings do not add much to the ensemble.


How to buy cool apparel to wear with leggings on eBay

Leggings are a versatile garment that pair well with several styles of cool apparel. Savvy shoppers typically head to eBay to find everything they need to create a great outfit. Before shopping, think about the look that you want to achieve and then enter relevant keywords into the empty box on any page. General terms, such as "mini dress" and "trench coat" result in a long list of results to browse until you find your favourite style. Then, pull on your leggings and show the world your most fashionable looks.

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