Corset Guide - Waist Training V's Tight Lacing

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Waist Training V's Tight Lacing

"Waist training", when done properly, is a practice whereas one can gradually achieve realistic, non-harmful waist reduction or waist shaping by moderately lacing and wearing a corset on a regular basis. This is achieved by going slowly with the appropriate instruction from a corset training expert. It is very important that one not try to lace the corset closed, or even very tightly on the first several wearings, as corsets need "breaking in time". After a short period of wearing a corset comfortably, it molds itself to your body shape and the material takes the strain of waist reduction evenly. Placing too much pressure on the corset at the outset may damage the fabric and stitching.

"Tightlacing" is the practice of applying corsetry to its extreme to achieve the smallest possible waist. A tight-lacer typically wears their corset night and day, and consistently pulls the laces tighter. When a tight-lacer achieves a 2-4 inch reduction, they graduate to a smaller corset to continue their figure training until they've reach their "ultimate waist".

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