Costume Ideas for Teenage Twins

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•  Choosing costumes can be a bit more difficult as your twins become teenagers, and have their own strong ideas. They may not want to be dressed alike. Why not create separate costumes and blend them into a clever concept? Both twins can contribute, and feel good about their individual choices.

Opposites Attract
•  Design costumes that are opposite sides of the same concept. This allows both teens to be coordinated as a single unit, yet different. Choose themes like night and day, winter and summer, salt and pepper or young and old.

•  Choose a costume that has a professional twist. Consider a theme that mixes the profession with the assistants or clients. Choose from costumes such as cop and criminal, photographer and model, doctor and patient or judge and bailiff.

•  Consider a sports theme for your twins, using their school colors and uniforms as a costume choice. Choose from quarterback and running back or cheerleader, baseball player and umpire, fight promoter and boxer, or even bowler and pin.

History and Pop Culture
•  Find inspirations from an historical novel or movie with different characters, or members of a famous rock band. Draw from comic books and television series for characters that either compliment or contrast. Plan a brain storming session to see how many duos you can name from history and pop culture.

Choose the ones that will make the most colorful costumes.

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