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Costumes Fancy Dress Costume Makeup Wigs Tights Stockings Accessories








Costumes Fancy Dress Costume Makeup Wigs Tights Stockings Accessories


At one stage or more in our life we are all going to be faced with a Fancy Dress Party, or a Dance Recital , or a modelling assignment or a school function or even just for a fun photo
This means Costumes and more Costumes and Accessories to go with the Costume

So what do you do?

  • You can run around and visit all the hire companies and oops sorry that costume is booked out that weekend allready


  • You can run around and visit all the hire companies and after a exhaustive day come home with nothing that  your daughter/son/your husband or even you like


  • You can run around and visit all the costume hire places and come away with the 4 costumes that you need that look like they have been worn 10 to 20 times already (which they probably have)



You can PURCHASE your own Costume (with a little guidance)

FANCY DRESS PARTIES and HALLOWEEN are increasing in ever growing numbers here in Australia.
Having been a major industry worldwide and in particular the USA for many many decades Australia is finally catching up with increasing popularity

The comfortable and traditional way is to hire your costume here in Australia but in the USA And the rest of the world there is a huge trend to buy your own costume

And why not ? Here are the benifits to purchasing your own Costume and Accessories


  • Brand New

  • Never been worn by anyone else

  • No inground marks/stains that you can still just see

  • No inground smells like cigarette smells or drycleaning smells

  • No faded look

  • No tired and worn look

  • No floppy or overstarched fabrics

  • Plus many more benifits


A hire costume can cost anywhere between $50 to $150 (sometimes more) to Hire PLUS a equal amount as a deposit to the hire amount
So you could be up for anywhere between $100 to $300 dollars for a night out or dance recital or modelling assignment or portrait

So how do you go about buying a costume for that special occasion ?


  1. If purchasing on eBay make sure you read all the fine print

  2. If purchasing on eBay make sure you check and ensure that the costume is in STOCK

  3. A lot of people sell costumes on eBay that are not in the country yet this is what is called a pre-sale
    Only problem with this is if it doesnt arrive in time for your party or event

  4. IF the costume is out of the country make sure that it will definetly be here in plenty of time
    to then be psosted to you from withing Australia

  5. SIZING - Check Check and Double and Triple Check the sizing

  6. A lot of costumes are in USA Sizing so if the Australian
    equivalent isnt written on the listing then ask the seller for the equvialent Australian Sizing

  7. Check what is included as sometimes pictures are used but not everything is included and those accessories need to be purchased seperately

  8. Check with the Seller as to the Authenticity of the Costume or Accessories and make sure they aren't a knock off of a original

Last but not Least ensure you ask the seller ALL questions so that you end up with exactly what you what and have the time of your life

I am a ebay seller and authorised agent of Costumes and Accessories from The Costume Company Called RUBIES a worldwide renowned Costume Company

Please feel free to check out my Auctions to purchase or just for comparison

Everything in my eBay Store is in Stock - Here in Australia - I dont list anything that isnt here in stock. (unless a special customer order)


 This Way To My eBay Store



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