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There are so many people out there, who have had dealings with Counsellors, Life Line and even DoCS.  Just speaking on my own experiences and those told to me from other people, WHY DO THESE  PEOPLE not understand what it is like to go through life, needing help not criticism, put downs, told you are no good as a wife, mother, father, have your Child/ren taken away from you because you have asked for some help.  These problems that people have through-out life, are not always 9am - 5pm. SO WHERE are the after hours service, WHERE are the people who understand you,  not because they have learnt it in a book but they themselves have experienced what you are talking about.  I tried to start up a 24 hr Support Line for Kids, Adults, for anyone who just wanted to talk about something that was troubling them, for them to get a refferance to someone that can help, or just to get something of thier chest.  We had to fold this service in because, being on a pension it was too costly for us to do this without some sort of help.   We are still eager but we get shot down everytime.

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